Microsoft sees Xbox becoming "entertainment platform for everyone on the planet"

Microsoft's E3 showing this year didn't offer any huge surprises, but the content to satisfy the core was certainly there. More importantly, from a global business viewpoint, Microsoft its continuing its march into living rooms everywhere. The company makes no bones about it - with Xbox TV, Music, Kinect integrations and more and more video partnerships, the Xbox platform is quickly becoming a well-rounded entertainment center for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Following the press conference, GamesIndustry International met with Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, to discuss the evolving Xbox strategy, the competition, Halo 4, the role of Kinect and much more.

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MariaHelFutura2689d ago

I don't. I think you guys are going in the completely wrong direction. You began trying to be the most hardcore and you now aspire to please "non-gamers". Why these companies are putting their faith in "non-gamers" in the long run is beyond me.

ALLWRONG2689d ago

Funny you should say that when Sony has done nothing but copy the same formula.

DragonKnight2689d ago

Did you really say something that stupid?

Abdou232689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

How did sony copy them? Sony started this whole media hub thing back in 1995 with the first PS, it played Movies and Music. But they keep concentrating on the hardcore and publishing lots of exclusives.

@ NoFanboyRequired

Another clueless hater fanboy.Tell me genius did those CD's have movies on them or not? Movies only means DVD's in your dictionary ?! It played VCD Disk
@ NoFanboyRequired- 2

The only dumb person here is you my friend, i petty you, open google right now and look for this thing and i guarantee you will be banging your head against the nearest wall.

NoFanboyRequired2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

@Abdou23 - Last time i checked, the PS1 didn't play movies at all. Don't know where you heard this from, but you obviously never owned one..
It played CD's, yes, but not DVD's.

Edit - Lol, already a disagree for a FACT. I owned the PS1 at launch and never in its lifetime have i seen a movie play on it. People are dumb i guess.

ALLWRONG2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Movie marketplace
streaming video
custom music
PC media streaming
HD gaming
social networking
(excluding PC)

All these things started on the Xbox and copied by Sony. Get mad all you want, it's still true.

NoFanboyRequired2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Abdou23 - Yeah, it also requires an addon, it cant play them out of the box, so fail on your part. Never even heard of VCD so obviously it wasn't that popular. Also, it wasn't good for the playstation's eye as it would make it overheat and burn up over time.

And no, I'm not a fanboy like you and 65% of the people on this site. I play all the consoles and like them all, unlike you.

BitbyDeath2689d ago

VCD's used to be pretty big back in the day.
Horrible quality though.

InTheLab2689d ago

Bluetooth accessories
TRUE HD gaming (hdmi)
social media via web browser
free wifi
dual analog sticks
dvd playback
CD playback way back in 95'
central hub for all entertainment
hi def movies (remember the failed HDDVD?)
hands free gaming

PS3 pioneered most of that before there was an Xbox. The PS2 was, literally, designed to be the center of the living room. MS didn't go that route until 3 years ago. Sony started the entertainment kick that MS has focused on, only they did not abandon their core for 3 years.

I don't know if you're aware of this but Sony IS an entertainment company complete with movie studios and music studios.

The only thing they've copied from MS are achievements and built in HDD. Everything else existed elsewhere prior to MS entering the console wars.

Also, you forgot to mention...

HDD- first on Xbox

and the rest ...

Xbox Avatars- copied from Nintendo
Kinect- copied from Sony and the Eyetoy
Streaming video- in 720p and 1080i...not 1080p like PS3 back in 06'
music- wrong...PS1 in 1995

Clarence2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Funny you should say that, when it's M$ that is copying Sony's formula. When the PS3 came out Sony's intended for it to be the complete entertainment hub. While M$ concentrated on just games.

Why do you think Sony added a Internet browser, blu-ray, wifi, hdmi ports, upgradable hard drive, 3D, Bluetooth,Dolby 5.1ch, and playtv which lets you use your PS3 as a TiVo/dvr.

When the 360 came out you had to buy hd add on to play hd movies which soon became obsolete. It's funny that Aron Greenberg and the media said that blu ray is a waste, but yet it's in going to be added to the next Xbox.

This article was back in 2008. Sony has been up on game, it's M$ that's trying to copy Sonys, and apples blueprint.

Most of the stuff you mention was already able to be done on the ps1 and ps2.

I see way your name is allwrong.

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Anon19742689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

"Entertainment platform for everyone on the planet"? Just like how their purchase of aQuantive was going to make them the online advertising powerhouse of the world? How'd that turn out? And I'm sure he meant to say, "Everyone but the Japanese, that is."

Still, it's a good read, and not so full of the usual, PR nonsense and chest thumping that Microsoft is known for. They even compliment Sony at one point. *gasp*

I agree with him that cloud technology is the future for gaming as well. I've believed that for years, but I knew that that was something we wouldn't see anytime soon. I also think the $99, subscription based Xbox is absolutely brilliant. Sure it costs more in the long run, but for those on a limited income (see students) who are probably going to use XBL gold anyway it's a great option.

shoddy2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Then they have to pay for Netflix and just to go on market place.

I gave you an agree by the way.

omarzy2689d ago

they go to the non gamers because that is where the money is. Microsoft is a business with a goal to make money so why would the target the minority(being the core gamer)

MariaHelFutura2689d ago

Because the "core" gamer will sustain the gaming industry and try to keep forcing them to maintain integrity. The non-gamer will force them to make games easier, only to part ways and move on to the next fad. Short term money is nice, Long term money is the best.

h311rais3r2689d ago

@ Maria

They don't care about the core industry. They are making more money off the casuals. So what does the core gamer have to do with their goal. What they want they have.

BrutallyBlunt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Integrity? Since when are you to decide the integrity of what games ought to be? What's the difference between Tetris 30 years ago and Angry Birds now? Both came out with a hook to keep gamers interested. Isn't that what it's all about, people being entertained? Get over yourself with this "core" crap. Anyone can play Dance Central for 8 hours a day trying to master the moves and memorize them. Is that really any different from someone remembering every nook and cranny on all the maps for some "core" shooter game?

Some people just don't realize just how good things are now compared to 20 years ago. Back then you had a few key titles to keep you going, now we see hundreds of games each year on multiple platforms, ranging from small 0.99 cent titles to $60 games that you can lose a whole month playing. We also have MMO games that never seem to end. So what void is actually missing?

What exactly is there to bitch about? There's so much selection out there it's crazy but the Internet is notorious for whining. In fact they did a study and found those who spend a lot of time on forums are more likely to suffer from depression. I wonder why that is with all this negativity we keep seeing? Yeah, i often wonder.

MariaHelFutura also wrote:
"Short term money is nice, Long term money is the best."

Did you read that from a Fortune Cookie? Microsoft came out with the original Xbox back in what, 2001? They lost a lot of money while trying to appease this so called "core" gamer, and now in 2011 they had their best year ever. So tell us again what you do for a living.

TheRealHeisenberg2689d ago

@ LevelHead

Well said. Every word is true; too bad that most are unable, or unwilling to see that.

MariaHelFutura2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The movie industry was thriving, then it lost its integrity. Now look at it. The music industry was thriving, then it lost its integrity. Now look at it. It all starts w/ the same line "they're making money". Deals w/ the devil, don't always turn out as expected.... When gaming as we know it is gone, I hope you'll feel just as happy for these companies and how much they make destroying what you love. A great example would be gaming journalism, they're slowly poisoning the industry for profit.

ALLWRONG2689d ago

Core gamers hold no power in gaming, never have.

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BrutallyBlunt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

@ MariaHelFutura
"I don't. I think you guys are going in the completely wrong direction. You began trying to be the most hardcore and you now aspire to please "non-gamers". Why these companies are putting their faith in "non-gamers" in the long run is beyond me. "

Think about that for a second. What you are suggesting is the XBOX360 had it's best years early on yet many regarded the Playstation 3 to not have a great launch and it took them a couple of years to get their groove on. However the Playstation 3 still outsold the XBOX 360 during the same duration. Why? Now you're suggesting Microsoft lost its focus when in reality they had the number one selling console for 2011.

As for putting their faith in non-gamers, that is such a stupid commnet. So let me get this straight, nobody can enjoy Kinect Sports and Dance Central and also not enjoy Call of Duty or Forza because according to you those people who enjoy Kinect Sports and Dance Central come from a different planet? What complete rubbish. Microsoft will not invest in those games if there is no demand for it. How many copies of Dance Central were sold? Some people need to wake up and stop allocating these barriers to make themselves look superior.

Hate all you want but Microsoft does not need to copy Sony. There is a Playstation 3 for that. They shouldn't be copying Nintendo either. They need to start making their own footprint and if that means offering a living room hub that just happens to also play games so be it. This generation what we saw were two systems (PS3 and XBOX360) competing for the same consumer. That explains all this hostility from XBOTs and Sony fanboys. The only real difference was one played BLUYRAY movies while the other centered itself more to an online structure. Years later Micrsooft decided to try and broaden its appeal with Kinect. Before haters said the XBOX360 was a shooter box, then they classified it as too casual and not enough hardcore. What many really want was them to be like Sony even though Sony is still here. People need to start asking themselves if they really want anything from Microsoft and if they can actually ever satisfy these people or do they just use them as a scapegoat.

Next generation I would like to see 3 different approached. We don't need 3 game consoles that share the same games, all while trying to hold the consumer hostage by having a few exclusives. Yet what did we see at E3? A focus on multiple devices like Vita controlling the PS3, Smartglass and tablets interacting with the XBOX360, and Nintendo having a tablet controller interacting with the console. I guess that was inevitable and the natural progression of things to come.

Abdou232689d ago

@ NoFanboyRequired 3

For Phat models it required an add-on,for slim models ( i bet you didn't even know there were PS 1 slim ) it played them right out of the box. And yes they were pretty popular back then like dvd's now.

I guess you are the one who never owned a PS1, or you was like 4 years old back then.And your stubbornness shows that you are anti-SONY fanboy.

WeskerChildReborned2689d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, they drop out of consoles and just try to attract people for entertainment.

dcbronco2688d ago

Sony was definitely not going for a different audience with Blu-ray. Every console maker was trying to appeal to a larger audience. You have to diversify to survive.

"It's the way of the world, and it's always goin' be."

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cstyle2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

They must be something right. They have sold almost 70 million consoles and people are eagerly awaiting the next xbox. MS is thinking big and you don't get to be as successful as they are by one dimensional thinking. They are no. 1 globally for a reason.

limewax2689d ago

They aren't number one globally. Really the Wii dominated them. What MS say and the truth aren't always one and the same, it's called a marketing spin.

cstyle2689d ago

sure...and sony finances are doing just fine right....At the moment MS are no.1 globally..

DragonKnight2689d ago

@cstyle: what the hell is up with all the stupid comments on this page. i really can't believe that i've seen another stupid comment. the 360 is second overall, last since they've had competition. yes, that's worldwide buddy. where the hell are you getting your numbers from?

limewax2689d ago

Did I mention Sony? Or did you just dodge the fact that the Wii beat MS?

Skateboard2689d ago

Japan and Europe is PS3 and America is 360. You're wrong with your statement get over it, LOL.

slaton242689d ago

no he is not they announced it at e3 last month that microshit has the lead barely...but still in my heart sony for the win...after all who has more variety of exclusives

Skateboard2689d ago

Ptttf 70 million get back at me when the 360 does PS2 and DS numbers, LOL.

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2689d ago
gamer_702689d ago

Immature haters inbound.

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