Ouya: a $99 hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar

The Verge writes: "We don't often report on startups without a physical product to their name, but when you've got sponsors like Ouya does, it's hard not to pay attention. According to a posting on AngelList, Ouya has recruited the talents of Yves Behar to build a $99 Android game console that you can connect to a TV, with a high-concept developer ecosystem that's as free as can be. Any developer will be able to publish games, claims the listing, and all games will be free to play. Even the underlying hardware is "built to be hacked" — every customer who buys a retail box will get a dev kit in the bargain, the site claims."

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BlindGuardian2697d ago

some Android games are bonifide core games and should be played by every ps3/360 owner, games like:

six guns (red dead redeption)
backstab (pirate RPG)
gangstar rio (GTA)
mass effect infiltrator
dead space android
modern combat 2 and 3 (modern warfare)
blood and glory (gladiator stuff)
NOVA trilogy (Halo)
Dungeos Defenders (RPG)
Contract Killer
Contract Killer Zombies
shadowgun (Gears)

just check out that last one, it has better graphics than plenty of current gen third person shooters and with proper non touch controller could be a great game

Imikida2697d ago

Whats the point of playing them if almost all of them are android versions of other games?

Ult iMate2697d ago

Just because some of these games are slightly playable, doesn't mean that core PS360 owners should play them. Really. There are plenty of great games around, so why spend the time on your list?

Blackdeath_6632697d ago

ive played almost all of the ones you mentioned and they do not provide a satisfying gaming experience. no shadowgun does not have better graphics then current gen TPS. it is much better to buy a portable console like the psvita than to buy a phone of the same price tag and use it for portable gaming.

inveni02697d ago

Nobody wants to build AAA game for free, or on a console for which paid-for games can be easily pirated. You don't get a free AAA experience from some dude working out of his garage for fun. People who make great games deserve compensation. Something like this, if successful, would just pull gaming into a black hole of shovelware.

NonApplicable2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Yea it's cool that the android platform can create console comparable experiences ON THE GO, but that portability is fundamentally why it's cool. Putting these watered down versions of console games on a system isn't going to win over the hardcore gamer. And... lets be honest, the casual crowd wont buy this.

kent800820072697d ago

LOL mass effect infiltrator was horrifyingly terrible

victorGma212697d ago

You better buy a true handheld like Vita or 3DS, so you can have REAL gaming expierences like Resident Evil Revelations, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Gravity Rush and Mario Kart 7.

SkullBlade1692697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


Gaming already is in a black hole of shovelware, thanks to Nintendo.

This wouldn't make it any worse.

n4f2697d ago

you telling me to play ripoff...

STONEY42697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Half of the games on that list are by Gameloft, who creates mobile clones of popular console games. They're decently made, but there's nothing special about them and no reason to play them over the console game. As for Dungeon Defenders, it's much better played on PC due to being a multiplayer focused game, and having constant updates and support.

I'd rather see more things like the full port of Max Payne 1 for iOS. Portable ports of older games, not half-assed 2 hours versions of what's popular on consoles.

As for graphics, Infinity Blade 2 is the only game I've seen which genuinely has console-level graphics. It's definitely doesn't look better than newer releases, but a high-res screenshot could easily pass for a console game. But it also has the advantage of having Epic Games backing the developer, and uses UE3.

BlindGuardian2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


could the fact that they would be free on this new console be a reason enough to play them over current console games?


the point is that they would free on this console, who cares if they're rippofs if you don't pay as long as they're fun


I already have a Vita and a 3Ds, as well as the 360 and PS3, my point was that if you're interested in games like I am, you can't miss the ones that I listed, especially if they're free


if it is for free, then yes, play the rippofs, all that matters is if you have fun or not


I said Shadowgun has better graphics than SOME current TPS, like maybe Wanted Weapons of Fate, Dark Void, Red Faction Armaggedon and stuff like, whether the graphics are better or not is a matter of opinion but anyone can see they're on a similiar livel to those games, plus, they would be free on this console

of course the games on Vita and 3Ds are betterm but those cost money

DanielRCampbell2697d ago

Wander over the Verge and look at their screen shots. At the bottom of the one shot, you can clearly see button prompts. My guess is that there's likely going to be a controller. ;-)

Hellsvacancy2697d ago

It sounds too good to be true

Soldierone2697d ago

not really....Almost every single game you listed is just a rip off of what console gamers already have. modern combat is just COD with more hackers and cheaters, let alone auto aim is needed on almost all the shooting games thanks to crappy touchscreen controls.

I have Shadow Gun, and its just a Gears wannabe with a lame story about doing chores with guns.....and Dead Space is just a highly restricted game that proves why touchscreen gaming SUCKS, and nothing more. I also have an Xperia Play, and still admit a lot of these games suck even with proper controls.

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nukeitall2697d ago

I don't know if I want a touch based game on my big screen TV. I'm not even sure how they are making that transition.

This sounds like a gimmick, but I will reserve judgement until I see and try it.

ChickeyCantor2697d ago

Android os supports Mouse and Keyboard. Hell you can even patch trough a controller trough bluetooth.

It's not that farfetched.

Agent_00_Revan2697d ago

I play with a PS3 controller all the time

AnotherProGamer2698d ago

what developer would want to release games on a console that gives free games? not unless they are small indie games but who buy a console that just gives free indie games which you can get on your iphone/pc?

Frankfurt2698d ago

Have you heard of Android? No?

Trebius512698d ago

Hes clueless...

I think this is very interesting. It's going to spark a whole new trend especially in indie development.

Curious, hope to hear more about this soon.

AIndoria2697d ago

Actually, Frankfurt and Trebius51, you both are clueless. Look at it this way.

"Ooh they released new version of Mass Puppet for this console? it is. Yep, we have mirror there for version 3.20. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!"

^^ That's what most people do.

ALLWRONG2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Free to play is the most played format there is. Everyone wants a slice of Zynga pie.

OneAboveAll2698d ago

Uh... a lot of developers. I'd buy a console for free games. Haven't you ever heard of "Micro transactions?"


AngelicIceDiamond2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

A new kid on the block? Our PS360's are not in trouble. The install base is WAY to large. I will admit, free games is very very VERY tempting.

Trebius512698d ago

I think as far as the words "Free Games" go...we're seeing it in a literal sense.

Theres no way any self sustaining piece of gaming hardware can thrive on free games. There has to be something more to it.

Im thinking more along the lines of, Free to Play MMOs. They may be free initially, but there are microtransactions involved. Like in DCUO for example where you can play for free if you want. But if you pay a few bucks you can get the top gear in the game in just a week or two.

I think theres much more to it and we shouldnt jump to conclusions, the games that will be released on this system will probably be very random in how theyre acquired. Some will charge, some wont. Kind of like the apps on an iPhone...some people charge, some dont.

Spydiggity2698d ago

i'm thinking games (that don't look very good) with lots of ads running.

nevin12698d ago

If takes off, I bet Apple will release somthing similar.

Brownghost2697d ago

with paid games at $500 with the white version out in a year

Trenta272698d ago

Free games? No thanks. I don't want to get blinded by ads.

Trebius512698d ago

At first i thought your logic might be flawed, because there are lots of free games with no ads.

But in order for this system to sustain itself it might go the way of using ad revenue to market to the millions of inevitable gamers on the platform.

Thats one viable way they can support a system with "free" games.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2697d ago

don't they have ads in $60 games? I remember seeing obama ad in burnout!

Trenta272697d ago

Those are different. It added to it in a way. They were off to the side of the tracks, out of the way of actual gameplay.