Wii U Hands On: SiNG - LevelSave Preview

Adam writes, "Probably the least popular game at the Wii U Experience event in New York was a new karaoke game called SiNG, developed by Freestyle Games, the makers of DJ Hero. It makes sense why nobody wanted to play SiNG. Put a bunch of introverted nerds in a room and everyone is gonna stay away from the singing game. Luckily, I am not an introverted nerd, I’m an extroverted professional."

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BrutallyBlunt2690d ago

Nintendo needs to get these systems out there for people to try. I think that will be key for its success. It's hard to marginalize how good something is while sitting at home looking at it on a screen.

guitarded772690d ago

That would be great. The PlayStation team is always making appearances around the country at meet ups. They should do that too and show off the hardware and upcoming games for Wii U and 3DSXL.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2689d ago

Thanks for being brave enough to preview this. I won't play it but Casual games are now a source of revenue to fuel the production of Core titles.

Gamers should be glad that these games exist. If they did not exist, you would not get more "Core" games but less.