Could Next-Gen Consoles Cost $99?

Analysts say Microsoft's low-priced subscription offer for Xbox 360 could be a Trojan Horse for its Xbox 720 strategy.

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zeeshan2688d ago

Hell no! Even with all that Windows 7 and upcoming Windows 8 money, even Microsoft can't pull a $99 launch and I really doubt this Contract thing is going to work out. May be I am wrong but I just don't see a $99 next gen console even with some sort of contract. Heck the mobile companies charge $199 and upwards) for cellphones that we ALL know carry bloated prices. It's all about profit especially at launch where both the companies already have a bad experience of bleeding money.

Mintyrebel2688d ago

The only way this could even have a sniff at happening is if it was fully cloud based like an onlive system but even the $99 is a push for the big 3!

ALLWRONG2688d ago

"I really doubt this Contract thing is going to work out" that's what they said about cell phones.

Hicken2687d ago

Who said that about cell phones?

Shepherd 2142687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yea screw that, I'll go back to older generation games from the ps3, original xbox and even n64 that I missed for awhile before I'd even consider paying for a monthly plan that will eventually add up to way more than what a brand new console would cost.

However I admit I pay for Live now so if MS just condenses everything into a small monthly payment, it may not matter to LIve subscribers much depending on how much it could cost If they do this.

Still means bad signs for core gaming too.

dcbronco2687d ago

Cellphone companies have been doing it for years. If $199 comes with a two year contract it's no different. But they would have to have a premium service that adds up to more than $60 a year.

But these consoles might be a lot cheaper to make than people think. None of the new console will likely have a separate CPU and GPU. They will most likely be the same die. That cuts the cost of a new console by a third on day one since those are the two most expensive parts. Plus these aren't built with a huge expensive die size. These will be 28 or maybe 22nm chips. They will be far cheaper chips to produce than the ones in the 360 and PS3 at launch.

The cost of consoles drops as the generation goes on because of parts prices being re-negotiated. But mostly from die shrinks. Instead of getting 20 90nm chips from a $100. You get 80 28nm chips from the same wafer for $100(just example numbers). So you can make 4 times the consoles from that wafer.

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NoFanboyRequired2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Who knows? Maybe you can have an option on paying in full, or doing the payment plan with the console. I would of course pay in full so its mine right away. But the payment plan would be good for the people who cant afford it in one sitting. I think its a great idea.

SilentNegotiator2688d ago

So....'rent to own'? Yeah, that'll revolutionize things.


Summons752688d ago

yeah and I will be the next president

doogiebear2688d ago

Lord knows that will never happen

Summons752688d ago

lol very true seeing I have 0 interest in politics

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The story is too old to be commented.