1UP- Spelunky Review: A Sublimely Pure Video Game Experience

1UP- Spelunky throws its players into a set of sandboxy levels, and gives them one simple goal: get to the bottom. While this can often be accomplished in under a minute, the randomly generated nature of Spelunky's world combined with the relative weakness of its protagonist serves to make this task nearly impossible. The game starts you off with four ropes for climbing, four bombs for exploding, and a measly four hit points; all other items can only be found within the caverns themselves.

And, in the tradition of roguelikes, your character loses everything upon death, including all the progress you've made -- though intrepid explorers can earn shortcuts by passing certain checkpoints several times with the right item on-hand. Just like all of the NES classics that haunted your childhood, Spelunky demands an all-or-nothing, skill-dependent approach, and punishes anyone who would dare to exhibit the tiniest amount of confidence.

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