Today: 50% Off Atlus Games in the “HOJAEFJAAM” PSN Sale

Friends of the Blog of PlayStation,
‘Tis a week — nay, why not call it an entire month — of celebration! Those of you who hath recently vanquished thy terrible foe known as “school” are now celebrating as much sloth and inactivity as your parental figures are willing to permit. Those of you who work for a living are looking forward to pleasant possibilities of the vacational variety, hoping some pool/beachside lounging is in your immediate future. The United States and Canada both celebrate their Independence Days.

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Swiggins4110d ago

Atlus has literally nothing to do with Dark Souls.

They only published Demons Souls in North America.

pixelsword4109d ago

Hence the question mark.

Thanks for playing.

PoSTedUP4110d ago

persona3portable $10!? thank you atlus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blastoise4110d ago

Nothing for the EU I guess?

Dark_Overlord4109d ago

I've never known Atlus to have an EU sale, then again I can't remember seeing an Atlus published game over here

DivineAssault 4110d ago

great sale! ill take about 4 of em


'P3RE' Domain Update Suggests Persona 3 Remake Announcement is Coming

The P3RE.JP has seen an update to its domain today, suggesting that the rumored Persona 3 Remake could be announced in the near future.

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potatoseal118d ago

What's better 3 or 4 Golden? I played 4, but haven't played 3

GoodGuy09118d ago

I preferred Golden and unfortunately haven't beaten 3 as it's pretty hard to go back to it. I do know some points of the story etc though and have always heard most people liked the story in 3 better.

This remake will be perfect for me if true. And hopefully combines FES and portable's content.

VersusDMC118d ago

Prefer the story, characters and soundtrack in P3. Wait for the remake to play it as the PS2 originals don't let you control your party members and P3portable(the one that was remastered) is a substantial downgrade visually.

CrimsonWing69118d ago

Well we’ve seen the leaked images so it’s coming for sure.


SEGA was in charge of bringing Persona 5 Royal to Switch

Atlus is finally delivering on what many fans have been asking for by bringing past Persona games to new platforms, including Persona 5 Royal.

As it turns out, fans can thank SEGA for the Switch port. Atlus producer Shinji Yamamoto revealed in an interview of Famitsu that SEGA led the way on the project.

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Dwarrior344d ago

Alright. Switch got the Personas.

SMT5 on other platforms when?


New Atlus Survey Asks You Which Platforms You'd Like For Persona 6, Remakes, Ports, & More

Today Atlus released a survey to poll its fans, and for the first time, the survey for North American was launched at the same time as Japan.

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Inverno509d ago

PC with it being Deck verified would be nice

VersusDMC508d ago

It being on Switch would comprimise the potential of the PS5 version. I would rather not have a 4k 60fps switch game on my PS5 but have a game built for current gen.

GameBoyColor508d ago

This would be fine if Atlus was a studio that pushed the boundaries of tech, but they don't lol

Yui_Suzumiya508d ago

I only play on my Switch OLED so I have to disagree. Everything by Atlus should be on Switch because it's a perfect fit. I have 13 Sentinels, Catherine and Persona 5 Strikers and they all run beautifully on it.

VersusDMC508d ago

Beat catherine on switch and it is good performance wise, 13 sentinels is all 2d so i doubt there's an issue...

But P5 strikers runs below 30 on switch and it is unbearable to me. Had to get the PS4 version which is 60fps to finish it. If you have the option get the PS4 version!

ufo8mycat509d ago

For sales, PS5 & SWITCH makes the most sense.

Santouryuu508d ago

Please no switch, damn lightweight.

pietro1212508d ago

You act like the Persona games are graphically demanding

Santouryuu508d ago

@pietro if they make a switch version, it sure won't be.

Yui_Suzumiya508d ago

I only game on the Switch OLED

pietro1212508d ago

They aren’t graphically demanding in the first place. Persona 5 was just an upscaled PS3 game. The switch could run it. Also JRPGs on handheld systems is the best combination.