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Sir Ridge wrote: "No matter what system you do most of your gaming on, it has been impossible to not notice the recent release of Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes. But like any game that releases different versions for consoles, they can’t all be winners. In this case the Vita version is definitely one of the losers. The open world present in the console versions was one of the many things that brought the series forward. Unfortunately, the exclusion of these updates in the Vita version has left the series in the same spot evolutionary as the previous entries. That being said, even if it is just another Lego game, there is fun to be had here."

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GuruStarr782696d ago

I've been trying to enjoy this on vita, but I just can't.

The combat is super sluggish and the story is just boring... I thought id like it, but the fact that its a half baked take on the console version just kills it.

With the vitas power, it should have been the same or nearly the same game as it is on the consoles.

Major_Nailson2696d ago

it's because you were doing it wrong. The Vita version is better than the console version because of accessibility.

Why would I pay more just to get a console version when there's basically no difference.


Wow, Console XP scored the console version a 9/10 and the vita version a 7/10??? What the... they are the exact same thing. this is the problem with journalists, they bash new hardware because they've expected too much. This is why the vita is failing, because of bad journalism.