Resident Evil 6 Archives and Anthology Final Box Art, Contents Detailed, RE6 On Xbox Needs 2 Discs

Capcom has released the final box art for the $89.99 Resident Evil 6 Archives and Anthology for the Xbox 360 and PS3, detailing just what will be on-disc and what we'll need to download from Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

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BringingTheThunder2688d ago

2 discs kinda makes sense, why isnt degeneration just a download? is it not on XBL?

shoddy2687d ago

This doesn't make sense in 2012.

shodan742688d ago

Gotta be honest - I don't think anything about Resident Evil 6 interests me right now.

user54670072688d ago

I think the last thing to get him interested in RE6 would be the demo. It sucked so bad, it made RE5 look like a good RE game.

user54670072688d ago

So they couldn't be arsed to add Code Veronica to the PS3 version....REALLY.

Tdmd2688d ago

Yeah, my favorite one is a 360 exclusive... ¬¬

JohnApocalypse2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Knowing that 360 version is running on 2 discs I'm wondering what the length of this game is gonna be

If this is true then expect it to be long

blue7_72688d ago

Yeah exactly what I was thinking I know people b*tch when it's 2 disc but I actually get excited usually means it's a pretty big game. they did say their were 3 separate campaigns.

BringingTheThunder2688d ago

as long as there isnt day 1 dlc!

TrendyGamers2688d ago

Maybe single player 1 disc and multiplayer the other?

raiden-492688d ago

It is spose to have a over 30hr long story put this with versus(if its not dlc this time)and outer stuff.

TrendyGamers2688d ago

It'll probably end up being closer to 20.

sarshelyam2688d ago

Am I the only one miffed by a collection of vouchers for the PS3? I mean, I think it's the better package considering you're getting nearly the entire legacy of RE titles (numerical entries anyhow), but couldn't they have fit those on a Blu-Ray or two?

Blastoise2688d ago

Yep, easily. But this way more people will buy it new, and not used. Because buying it used means the codes will be used up. A classic evil business move

BringingTheThunder2688d ago

saves money by doing it this way

sarshelyam2687d ago

I know it's a money thing, it was more of a rhetorical complaint from a supporter of physical media.

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The story is too old to be commented.