James Gunn on Lollipop Chainsaw: ‘Japanese wanted Juliet to look slutty, act innocent’

James Gunn, lead writer of Grasshopper Manufacture’s recently released Lollipop Chainsaw, has talked about the problems of being based in America while the game was being developed in Japan, including the fact the Japanese wanted Juliet to ‘look totally slutty, but act completely innocent'.

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123_3212692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

In other words; they wanted LOLIpop Chainsaw.

clrlite2692d ago

I wasn't aware this game had much else going for it, but perhaps I should look into it a bit more.

Grimhammer002692d ago

It's a great game held down by the same tongue n cheek that makes it so funny and fresh!

Juliette's innocent ....but not in the Japanese way - all omg & helpless. She's a high school cheerleader....not far off the mark from reality either. But the zombie slayer part is all Buffy.

Loved it. Well written and voice acted. Boss fights are above average. The first one being the best in terms of lol redonkness.

VanillaBear2692d ago

They wanted tentacles aswell but I think they knew they were pushing it.

InTheLab2692d ago

They probably wanted her to be 14 as well...18 is over the hill in anime.

Bathyj2692d ago

I prefer girls who looks innocents and act slutty.