Minecraft Xbox 360: DLC skins riff on Halo, Trials, XBLA at large

OXMUK writes: Details and screenshots of Minecraft Xbox 360's promised DLC skins have emerged, and they're a fruity bunch indeed. Forget dressing up as James Bond or a Swedish tennis champ - once the first pack goes live (no date yet, but July seems likely), you'll be able to drill through mountains in the garb of a Covenant Grunt, Trials biker or 'Splosion Man

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aviator1892689d ago

Pretty awesome skins. Personally, I like the splosion man and grunt skins.

LAWSON722689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The skins are not all free, but there is a free pack which won't have all 40 skins. Also, I am sure the pack will be only be 2- 5 dollars.