A Solder's Balls: 360 Red Ring of Death's Possible Explanation

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky writes:

"The mysterious Red Ring of Death has perplexed many Xbox 360 owners. What evil magic causes the system to overheat and crap out so often? Bunnie's Blog has a very interesting theory about why the technology behind Microsoft's console leads so often to failure."

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Charlie26884662d ago

I find it HILARIOUS that now (08) some sites are like hinting to the public that they might know what possibly cause the RROD but all covered in mystery and yet people that poked around RROD 360s from DAY 1 (05-6) know that the common RROD is caused 90-95% of the cases by the simple problem of the GPU overheating and becoming loose from the mobo no mystery parts no crazy theories no "it has too many pieces to really know" no "the hardware is too advance to know for sure" its as simple as a piece simply becoming loose from the main thing.

Another interesting thing that the general publics is unaware of is that very few RROD are fatal and permanent to the point you have to replace a complicated piece of hardware or you have to buy another one, if you actually look for it on the web you can actually repair a RROD 360 at your house (and no it doesn't involve a towel) you only need to know how to carefully take apart the 360 (if you are familiar with PCs its around the same level) and simply re attach the GPU and hell you can even put some mods inside to prevent it from happening a again (new fans, extra fans, better x clamp supports, new heatsinks, modify the heat dispense system) and you only need the tools you think you are gonna need to open the 360 (usually a small screwdriver and a piece of plastic, google it) a heat gun and some good quality thermal paste and most of the time it takes from 30 to 60 minutes to do it and the end result is a perfectly working 360 and if you used mods even better than before.

if you think this all sound complicated google it for some tutorial videos, if you have had some experience building PCs think it as the process of attatching the CPU into the mobo its around that level of difficulty and probably the only complex part is actually opening the 360


Trick Nolte4662d ago

MS simply rushed the damn thing out the gate early to get a jump on Sony and they did a piss-poor job of QC'ing 360's because the MS motto is cash first consumers last. Even after all that they have the nreve to make silver live members wait a week longer than gold members for DL'ing free fuggin demo's. That says it all. Charging for perks that are free just to milk a fanbase that they already raped demonstrates just how little MS values its retatrded yet loyal fanbase

SlippyMadFrog4662d ago

Hows your 4d graphics working out on your PS3?

JeepGamer4662d ago

If you'd really like to know what caused the RROD then here is your answer:

Microsoft rushed their console to market. These hardware failures are the result of Microsoft screwing their customers just so the 360 could have a years head start.

Igniter4662d ago

RROD would happen less often if people didn't turn the unit on and off 5 times a day. It's called thermal stress. Expansion and contraction for any electronics will lessen its life span.
And because the critics of the original Xbox forced MS to shove the 360 into a tiny case, we can expect a low life span for the 360.

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