Aggressive expansion: How Hero Academy came to embrace China and Steam (interview)

GamesBeat: Hero Academy is a deceptively simple strategy game: Players choose from a growing faction of teams, most reflecting common archetypes from the fantasy genre (like knights, elves, orcs and dwarves), and battle it out on a square-tile grid. Players take their turns asynchronously, meaning that people can pick up and play anytime they wish.

But when it comes to developer Robot Entertainment marketing their popular free-to-play iOS title on other platforms and countries, “simple” would be the wrong word to use.
We recently had a chance to conduct a brief interview via email with Patrick Hudson, Robot Entertainment’s chief executive, to see what exactly was the thought process behind their recent game-changing moves.

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roblef2695d ago

Such a great game on iOS - glad to see it come to Steam

Neoprime2695d ago

I hope someone brings that game over were you get to fight against US soldiers, thats like Call of Duty.