You can interview for a job by playing Diablo III

Job interviews are stressful and formal affairs. If only we could show how qualified we are for a position while staying in the comfort of our homes. Hell, if we’re going to get crazy, it would be really cool if we could interview inside of the popular action role-playing game Diablo III. But that would be silly.

Oh, wait. Israeli adverting company Bauman Ber Rivnai Saatchi & Saatchi is actually doing actually doing this. Yup, you could interview for a programming position by playing Diablo III.

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Kran2696d ago

Yup. Must be one Hell of a Job for sure :D

But seriously though, isnt the point of a face to face interview to prove that you're committed to the job you're being interviewed for?

Sadie21002696d ago

What if you're under attack by a throng of spiders? Do you calmly chat away or actually fight?

midnightambler2696d ago

Craziest thing I've heard all week