PSP Homebrew: Quickest Exit v1.0 - exit from programs quickly

QJ.NET · Posted Jan 22, 2008 at 02:14PM by Enrico S.

Homebrew developer Red_Squirrel, the creator of the Alternative VSHMenu, dropped by QJ.NET forums to announce a new program called Quickest Exit v1.0.

This PSP plug-in allows users to quickly exit from games or homebrew by pressing the home button on the handheld. The developer also added in a few shortcuts in the plug which allow users to switch the unit off and put it on standby mode.

QJ.NET has a complete list of the features as taken from the plug-in's readme file, a link to download page, and a link to Red_Squirrel's announcement in QJ.NET PSP Development Forums.

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Tarmgar4659d ago

Why would you need that program for a personal psp? Doesn't make sense unless you're like.....watching porn on it at work. Any other reasons I fail to see.