Iwata: 3DS sales momentum overseas is “not so good”

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says 3DS sales have improved in Japan, but the system is struggling in the US/Europe.

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live2play2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

so troll bait titles aside

to sum up, he says (for those lacking in brain cells)

3ds sales MOMENTUM is not so good
but its NORMAL for this region

and its actually BETTER than their previous handheld

-GametimeUK-2689d ago

I'm enjoying mine... Had it for around a week now. My friend wants one and my GF wants one too. I think things will really pick up soon.

DivineAssault 2689d ago

3DS sells a lot i think.. Its a piece of junk to me but it does sell i must say.. i know my nephew wants one..

-GametimeUK-2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Your nephew clearly has better taste in hardware than you.

DivineAssault 2689d ago

did u really just say something that stupid? plz dont speak hardware to me when referring to nintendo ok.. i respect the company for what it is but DO NOT imply that my taste in hardware is bad if your a ninny fan..

dark-hollow2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

You are missing a lot if power is all you care about in a gaming device.

-GametimeUK-2689d ago

It is clear that your insight into the gaming industry and knowledge of the industry in general is severely low, so I don't actually blame you for your opinions.

As a fan of gaming in general (not just a "ninny fan") I think my opinion holds significantly more weight than yours. Sure the hardware isn't the most powerful on the 3DS, but it is still quality and the software line up trumps anything that has been seen on a Sony handheld. Its a classic case of Hardware and Software going hand in hand.

Your nephew does have better taste than you. Sorry to break it to you.

DivineAssault 2689d ago

U know nothing little man.. Ive beaten 80% of nintendos 1st party games since the 80s.. Not just beat either, i COMPLETED them from every star & coin to every heart piece & bottle.. U are in no position to say that yours or anyones taste is any better than mine.. Im sure ive beaten more than you have & possibly before u were able to wipe your own ass..

I know ALL about the "quality & sales" theories you all seem to have jr & your right in some respects but sony delivers many MANY more games than anyone else.. good 1st & great 3rd party while nintendo does great 1st & CRAP 3rd! Thing is their 1st is begining to get stale to me because im seeing the same song n dance since the n64.. U can hop skip & jump along rainbow road all u want but ive seen that stage 30+ times already..

If anyones taste is bad, its yours if its limited to family friendly leapfrog bs recycled over & over.. Ya other companies do it too but they put out NEW games while recycling what works

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