Blu-ray standalone players outsell HD DVD standalone players 93:7 week ending 1/12/08

Exophase writes: Following Warner's decision to exclusively back the Blu-ray format, sales of standalone Blu-ray players have soared. New sales figures from the NPD group show Blu-ray taking nearly 93 percent of the market in the week ending January 12. Compare these figures to the week before Warner's announcement, when there was a near 50-50 split between the two competing formats.

It should be noted that the above sales figures do not include sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 console or the Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on drive. Considering that PS3 sales have also been on the rise, things are looking great for Blu-ray.

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resistance1004658d ago

What a massive leap in one week. Standalone blu-ray players are making HD DVD sales look really bad now and this is before the Ps3 numbers are added in.

I really do think thats it now for HD DVD, no-one is buying it.


sony just killed another competitor AND its fanboys...can you guess whos next?

The "Ferrari" seems to be warming up now.

AzaziL4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Warner signing off to blu-ray was the last nail in the coffin, there's no way HD-DVD will have even the slightest chance to succeed now.

barom4658d ago

lmao i expected hd dvd to lasts for a couple more months, you know a slow death. but looks like the warner move basically assassinated hd dvd.

i can finally buy some high def movies without thinkin about the future cause the future is blu.

ravinash4658d ago

That really was last nail in the coffin.
Now their just filling in the earth.

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DJ4658d ago

No wonder HD-DVD association is only saying "We offer great options for our consumers." The old slogans used to be "We sell more discs", and then it was "We sell more hardware", and then "We sell more hardware if you include HD-DVD addons for the 360 and don't include the PS3."

Now it's "We offer great options." =P

zambrota4658d ago

dont make it more nasty

mikeslemonade4658d ago

The interesting thing is it doesn't account for PS3 and xbox 360 hd-dvd addon, so people are buying blu-ray standalone players that are $200 more than hd-dvd players.

JVIDICAN4658d ago

Sweet for blueray and good news for the ps3 but still can this even be considered news any more. i mean honestly who isnt aware of this already?

ravinash4658d ago

Its good to know that word is getting out into the market and the sale rate is increasing. It should hopefully help the war end that much quicker.

light4658d ago

According to sales data, 7% customers are not aware of it.. LOL

JVIDICAN4657d ago

wonder if those 7% even have tvs? lol

EZCheez4658d ago

Or it would be more like 99%

zambrota4658d ago

even without the ps3 sales