Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer

The very first Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 trailer has been released.

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Rai2690d ago

cool they are going with the full story now.

rdgneoz32690d ago

With all the filler the anime had after the fight with Pain, they really couldn't do anything with the story. Luckily, right now the war is going on and some nice fights are happening. I just hope they include most of the characters that appear during it as there are a ton brought back using the reanimation juitsu.

Rai2690d ago

yeah, I want to play as the other 6 jinchuuriki and the other 6 swordsmen of the mist. See itachi use his new skills and madaras rigged meteors.

Biohazard88602690d ago

looks already better than generations!

Honest_gamer2690d ago

i REALLY wish they made a bleach and one piece game like these games :'( however i hope this game doesnt come out until naruto ends next year, however if they get it out this year they can do another gaem next year so more $$$ for them

Baka-akaB2690d ago

already announced for 2013

WildArmed2690d ago

I'd love a similar OP game too.
Going to get that dynasty warrior OP game in Nov. thou.

Also, after UNS2, they did N:Generations.. now back to UNS?

Any differences between UNS and Generations? Or were they just pretty much the same (Kinda like the difference between Tenkachi series and Badouki for DBZ)

Honest_gamer2690d ago

i didnt play generations, i have the jap one piece DW game, its ummmm better than dynasty warriors but it just doesnt feel like one piece :/

Irishguy952690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

They were exactly the same, Generations is esentially an expansion on UNS2 with a few new characters(+ old ones) and combat mechanics. But it also had some filler fights like Hashirama versus Madara:

Glad about boss battles being back

alien6262690d ago

generation was more like UNS1 and 2 both together but the story goes by fast mostly the important stuff from the naruto story.

WildArmed2690d ago

Ah, thanks for the explanation guys. So I think I'll skip generations, thou that Madara vs 1st Hokage fight looked awesome.

Have both UNS1/2 and loved 'em.


That's a lil' bit disappointing to hear. The previews were pretty good from what I've read. Well, at this point I'll be happy to play anything one piece >< haha

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The story is too old to be commented.