Surprise, Surprise: Sony drops OnLive support in Blu-ray player after purchashing Gaikai

Sony drops OnLive support in Blu-ray player in wake of Gaikai purchase

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NYC_Gamer2689d ago

Sony is now in competition with OnLive

Dante1122689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Can't wait to see what Sony does with Gaikai. They can use it for other stuff too like for streaming movies, television shows, and music as well. Oh the possibilities.

Edit: @ NYC I wonder if those alternate accounts will show up today? Yesterday, you should've seen them (nothing but icon-less accounts in the comment section repeating the same thing ("Gaikai is stupid and worthless" "My internet is too slow, I use AOL.", etc.)

NYC_Gamer2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Those people are just butt hurt because Sony is prepared for the future of gaming/entertainment....I bet the same people who have no issue with downloading stuff from itunes and watching movies on nexflix are bitching about cloud gaming...

sikbeta2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Not a surprise at all lol, what I really want to see IF they'll go ahead and allow demos of exclusive games from their gaming systems to be streamed to any compatible device, it could be a great way to promote their games, still being the only way to play the full games on the respective system, people would want to make a purchase

morganfell2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Sony has been at the forefront of every major format change. Every time they were proclaimed to be wrong and every single time they launched a console they brought the de facto new standard to the table. This is just another case of Sony leading the pack on serving the gamer with the latest technology. I can't wait to see where Sony is going to take this.

DlocDaBudSmoka2689d ago

AOL? people still use that shit?? i thought AOL went the way of the DoDo bird.

LNDCalling2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

@sikbeta Agreed.. something I mentioned some time ago!

"Also if Sony exclusive game 'demos' are available for all to try, then that may prompt more people to go buy a PS3 and indeed the game in order to play it fully!"

@morganfell Agree with you too..

"PS1 brought us CD's etc
PS2 brought us DVD's etc
PS3 brought us Blu-Ray's etc

Sony have a history of pushing boundaries with their consoles which will also benefit their other interests i.e. Film (Format), Music (Format/HW) etc.."

SilentNegotiator2688d ago

Sony isn't going to give their competition a free platform to sell on?!?!?!?!?!

shoddy2688d ago

The nextgen start when Sony say so.

Septic2688d ago

I love how so many people are lapping up cloud gaming all of a sudden.

N4G, oh how you amuse me.

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r1sh122689d ago

Im sure sony have purchased gaikai for the IP's which it can use with the ps4.
Its a little late in the ps3 life cycle to try and adopt new technology and apply it to an infrastructure on the ps3 which cannot add X chat, so how can anyone expect cloud gaming to get on the ps3?

Maybe a basic version could make it on the ps3, but im sure its going to be used for the ps4 since I dont think many gamers will be able to fully utilise cloud gaming due to internet speeds etc..

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jjb19812689d ago

I wanna see ps4 demos from my Ps3

JBSleek2689d ago

Why Sony? Onlive actually has full pledged games while your service are demos? At least could of waited.

DigitalRaptor2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I thought they had full games... My bad. Gaikai always had plans to offer full games. There's no doubt Sony will offer full games for a certain price plan. They have a huge back catalogue of games.

JBSleek2689d ago

Gaikai (Japanese for "open ocean") is a cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play high-end PC and console games via the cloud and instantly DEMO games and applications from a webpage or internet-connected device.

At the END of the DEMO, the customer is given the option to PURCHASE the game or product from a local retailer, online store or direct-to-drive download service.

So you can demo a game and then given the option to actually buy the game thus not streaming the game in its entirety.

DarkHeroZX2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )


"Gaikai (Japanese for "open ocean") is a cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play high-end PC and console games via the cloud and instantly DEMO games and applications from a webpage or internet-connected device."

its says you can play high end pc and console games "AND" isntantly demo games and applications lol. keyword is and, meaning can do both. Plus with Sony making a huge number of games go digital with Gaikai now under their control I'm sure it will be doing the same.

ZeroChaos2689d ago

Great this sounds like another war like blu-ray vs hd-dvd

Gigawatt252688d ago

Yes and Sony will prevail again.

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