Sexy Vegas review

Sex sells, right? Not always. Think about those adverts you used to see with 'SEX!' in big letters at the top, and then 'Got your attention? Now buy our insurance policyzzzzz' in smaller text underneath. Did you ever buy the insurance? Nope.

Unfortunate then that an increasing number of mobile games are adopting a similar policy, taking a fairly boring game that you wouldn't normally want and draping half-nekkid ladies over it to arouse your attention. Often, the results aren't much fun. Recent examples include Sexy Babes: Wild Waterslides, and Sexy Soccer.

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kmis875844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

The buttcrack is not sexy. It's only sexy up until you see crack, then its like you're being aroused by a plumber. And as much as I may love Mario, its purely platonic.

Marriot VP5844d ago

the butt crack's even better when there's peice of poo hanging out.

haha, so childish for a colleg boy