4 simple steps to upgrading your PS3 hard drive

With PlayStation Plus now offering so many free downloads, now is a good a time as any to look at upgrading your PS3 hard drive.

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GuyThatPlaysGames2690d ago

Step 1: Buy hard drive
Step 2: Remove old hard drive
Step 3: Install new hard drive
Step 4: Enjoy

InklingGirl2690d ago

Wrong, you need a flash drive with the system's current firmware on it to finish the upgrade.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2690d ago

sounds harder than upgrading a pc hard drive then?

GuyThatPlaysGames2688d ago

Apparently you didn't sense the sarcasm Mr. Proper.

Jeff2572690d ago

I just recently upgraded my PS3 hard drive from the original 250 to a 750. Except for not being able to do a full backup because I didn't have a good PS3 it went smoothly. I did manage to backup most of my families save files and then had to re-download games and dlc but it was worth it. Now I have more games installed at once than I ever did before and with the new free ones coming out for Plus today I will be grabbing a few more.

InklingGirl2690d ago

You know you can always purchase the free content and not download it right away right? I purchase all the free content but I don't always download it all due to either space or the desire to use the content. I figure if it's free with my subscription I might as well get it for possible future use.

Wagz222690d ago

1 glorious terabyte right here, and thanks to playstation plus and discounts I have more then 100 games installed with no need to delete anything for a long time haha

JellyJelly2690d ago

Will this affect your warranty?

InklingGirl2690d ago

No, Sony claims it does not void the warranty of the PS3.

Isis062690d ago

60GB -> 320GB
200GB Free Space...
PS3 Media Server FTW!

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