Deus Ex: Human Revolution free on PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection has been updated in the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe region to include Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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GraySnake2696d ago

I want this in the US!!!

rajman2696d ago

The game is super cheap everywhere, surely you can just buy it by now?

JellyJelly2696d ago

You can find it for practically nothing, and it's worth every penny. An amazing game.

Trebius512696d ago

Why spend 20-30 bucks buying this game when you can just get it (along with dozens of other games) on PS+.

Just wait patiently, play the other games. Itll come to other regions soon enough. What a great game to be available for free, PS+ is a great investment.

TopDudeMan2696d ago

It is very cheap, and I don't really understand why, because it is a great game.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32696d ago

Do you get to keep the trophies if you're subscription expires?

dantesparda2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

@ WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

Yes, yes you do. The only trophies you dont get to keep are the ones for the one hour trial

STONEY42696d ago

$30? Got it for $10 back in December.

Persistantthug2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Sale is good till Thursday night, closing time.

I myself bought it about 2 1/2 months ago for $19.99.

fuzion17c2696d ago

Yea, I just bought my copy at Fry's today for $15. Good deal.

Septic2696d ago

I paid like £40 for this on Steam when it came out. ,:'(

Perjoss2696d ago

"Why spend 20-30 bucks buying this game when you can just get it (along with dozens of other games) on PS+."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but buying it elsewhere means you still own it even after your PS+ subscription runs out?

gaffyh2695d ago

@Perjoss - Will you really be playing this game after a year? PS+ is based on that idea, after a year's subscription, you will most likely have completed the game, and therefore it won't make a difference if it's a "rental", because you can usually complete a game within weeks.

hkgamer2695d ago


you just have to understand that some people don't really like collecting their games or maybe some people have PS+ already...

But $14.99 does seem like a really good deal...


Not sure which country you are from, but if you are from UK, you might want to consider subscribing to

My package is rent 3 discs at any one time and pay £150... So technically in 1 month you could rent 30-60 games in a month for around £12. I normally rent 1 game and 2 movies a week.. so in 1 month I get to play 4 games... not a bad deal for me...

gaffyh2695d ago

I've used LoveFilm a few times, and the service is OK, but could be a lot better. I don't like the fact that you almost never get the newest games, and you have to wait months before your turn. I had the 2 at a time service, and found myself playing one of the games, sending it back, and then playing the other one, and the posting would take like 2 days, and another day for them to allocate a new game to you.

It's such a slow service, which is why I cancelled my subscription. But obviously, if I had a good backlog of games I hadn't played, I'll probably subscribe again for 3 months or so.

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doogiebear2696d ago

I already own the game, but i want YOU to own it too! For free!!!

Philoctetes2696d ago

Yeah, I would definitely give this a spin if it becomes available in North America.

showtimefolks2695d ago

I use to bash this game hate on it because of boss fight but than i bought it again and WOW, i am read to admit my mistake this game is nothing short of a master piece

buy this game its a lot of fun.

Game does have some minor issues but i am hoping a sequel would fix those and make this into a true master piece

Orionsangel2695d ago

Steam has Deus Ex on occasion for 4.99. They recently had LA Noire for 4.99. It pays to wait rather than be a sucker who payed 50 to 60 dollars for these games.

himdeel2695d ago

Yeah but nowadays waiting to buy a game the studio could be closed down and we will never see another game from them. So there are pros and cons to buying now or waiting till later.

WildArmed2695d ago

We'll probably get it in 2 weeks / next month. (hopefully)

Make it happen SCEA :D

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typikal822696d ago

It's around $10 on gamefly if you look on the right day

LNDCalling2696d ago

Good stuff.. was on my wanted list!

Cant wait to see what the other two free games on the 18th will be, here's hoping they're on my wanted list too (1 BD release and one PSN as far as I'm aware).

PSN+ FTW :-)

MetalArcade2696d ago

Oh man, love this game. Played the hell out of it on PC, I would LOVE this to come to the US PS Plus for free!

urwifeminder2696d ago

Going to pick it up on pc and 360 down to 20 bux here.

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