The End Is Nigh - Resident Evil 6 features a health regeneration system

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, we can officially kiss Resident Evil 6 goodbye. Well, that only applies to all old-school Resident Evil fans as they will be utterly disappointed by Capcom's decision to use a regenerating health system. Yeap, you read that right. A health regeneration system in a horror game. Yeah, it's not as horror centric as its previous parts but still, this is the first time we've seen such a health system in a Resident Evil game."

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AntoineDcoolette2690d ago

Lol. Hey, at least Dead Space 3 doesn't have forced co-op or a health regen system!

user54670072690d ago

But it's still going to be a crap horror game which has screwed over the loyal fans of the series so greedy EA can have more money.

wicko2690d ago

It's a segmented health system, so it's nowhere near as bad as the author makes it out to be.

DOOMZ2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Gears Of Resident Evil 6, Here We Come!

Vandamme212690d ago

Last time I checked..RE4 came before Gears of whatever..I feel like people are trying to hard to bring this game down

VTKC2690d ago

you are missing the point. DOOMZ is refering to the HEALTH REGEN because in GEARS OF WAR, your health REGENS.

DigitalAnalog2690d ago

Because CAPCOM is giving MORE and MORE reasons to warrant criticism instead of trying to address it. You can't blame people from pointing it out, sure maybe the game "might" (and I say that in the loosest term possible) be beyond what we're expecting, but that does not negate the fact that we're seeing undesirable previews that will end up in expected disappointment in the near future.

shodan742690d ago

Anyone who thinks this is going to be a proper survival horror game is kidding themselves. Just like EA with Dead Space, Capcom want to make a watered-down, balls to the wall action game that caters to the generic shooter crowd.

With Shinji Mikami long-gone, the only thing this is likely to have in common with the great Resi games of old is the title.

john22690d ago

unfortunately, that's true. Moreover, the whole demo of Resi6 felt really weird (in every way). I can't see how Capcom will be able to polish all those issues in a couple of months

Frodosmugins2690d ago

why dont they just make another game with all these ideas and leave RE alone...

I will not be buying this game.. Fuck the story... the story was only good cos the gameplay was good in the early games... now Im just not gonna bother with RE anymore..

But it still drives me insane how a company could sell out and ruin one of their best games!!!!!!

jc485732690d ago

You will be surprised that I haven't purchased any Capcom games in awhile, so far I'm doing good w/o them. Playing through some of their older games though that were more complete.

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The story is too old to be commented.