Sony buying Gaikai: "It's certainly a move for PlayStation 4"

No, a deal doesn't exist; yes, it does - Sony yesterday announced the $380 million acquisition of cloud streaming company Gaikai. Those puffed up promises Perry made years ago have now made him loads of money. Perhaps he was right.

But what does this mean for us? What does this mean for PlayStation? What does this mean for that other cloud streaming service OnLive? And what does it mean for Xbox 360?

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joeorc2697d ago

"It still seems like a big chunk of cash, but I'm sure if Sony Corporation had to invent its own streaming technology, and prove it, that it would probably cost on or around that kind of money. And that's probably how they've made their valuation."

notice this:

Sony Corporation had to invent its own streaming technology, and prove it

hey buddy here is something from 2005 for you to read!

PlayStation 3 Cell chip aims high

February 4, 2005 11:20 AM PST

Cells can even roam over a network, allowing the processor to perform a type of distributed or grid computing, an increasingly popular enterprise technique in which demanding tasks are divvied up among a gang of networked computers.

so as IBM explains it:

Grid computing
Cloud computing evolves from grid computing and provides on-demand resource provisioning. Grid computing may or may not be in the cloud depending on what type of users are using it. If the users are systems administrators and integrators, they care how things are maintained in the cloud. They upgrade, install, and virtualize servers and applications. If the users are consumers, they do not care how things are run in the system.
Grid computing requires the use of software that can divide and farm out pieces of a program as one large system image to several thousand computers. One concern about grid is that if one piece of the software on a node fails, other pieces of the software on other nodes may fail. This is alleviated if that component has a failover component on another node, but problems can still arise if components rely on other pieces of software to accomplish one or more grid computing tasks. Large system images and associated hardware to operate and maintain them can contribute to large capital and operating expenses.

GRID Gaming Cloud computing was one of the very reason's The Cell processor was used.

Remember STI: was Sony+Toshiba+IBM all worked and developed the Cell processor.

purchasing GaiKai was not something that would not go completely unnoticed

colonel1792697d ago

In my opinion, I think that this deal will be used only for PSN. They might give gamers the option to have PSN games on the cloud as well as saves and DLC. It is unlikely that it will be used for streaming full games.

violents2697d ago

Come on dude, really? You think they just bought a game streaming cloud based service and they arent going to use it for gaming?

raymantalk12696d ago

i think cononel179 is more right than you think you are

RevXM2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I think that GAKAI doesnt have to mean much for Playstation 4 at all opposed to others who suggest Ps4 might be like all streaming...

Playstation stands very well on its own legs and I doubt Sony is going to change the formula as much as this over time.
Only thing I might see being changed is the marketing/ effort put in PR for Playstation and other Sony products. thats areas they surely know they have to improve.

Though I wont say Gaikai wont mean anything for Playstation at all.

Probably we will see some "Gaikai" tech in use with the Ps4.
Streaming Demos and rentals might be a good idea instead of downloading the players can get an instant trial of a game!

And that is fine with me, but when I pay for a game I expect it to be the best quality and Id expect it to be available for me to play wether I have a internet connection or not.

Games bought physically played and installed on a local powerhouse entertainment system is the way to go for me.
And Sony seems to still think so also as they recently confirmed they wont show Ps4 until they feel it will blow us away.

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Getowned2697d ago

I hope they have a game streaming service for ps4 but still have the option for me to buy a game on Blu-Ray if i want to. I think streaming video games would just kill my internet bill lol I already go over my bandwidth limit as it is.

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