First 20 Minutes: The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy

GodisaGeek: "If you’re unsure about just how good these Remasters are looking, perhaps you haven’t played any of the others and were just waiting for this one, we’ve put together a new video showing you the first 20 minutes of the first Ratchet & Clank game. We’re sure you’ll agree, they look quite good."

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taquito2692d ago

graphics look really nice and crisp, love these old games, why does the framerate look so bad though, they need to address that

badz1492692d ago

but damn my inner self...still wanting the retail version although it costs more!

victorGma212692d ago

Do I really need to say I am going to buy 5 copies?

I can't wait for it! This will be my next platinum!

badz1492692d ago

on my local PSN, it's about $34 and the cheapest retail I could find is $47. I find it quite hard toi let go off retail copy just yet

Nexgensensation2692d ago

a good old fashion action adventure! im starting to think shooters are more easy to make

slaton242691d ago

sure more people care about online so it doesnt really take much to come up with a story for a shooter

Nexgensensation2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

thats very sad! Its like we're forgetting the fundamentals for everything that is true. I haven't played a good game since gears of war in 2007 and demons souls in 2010!

if you really think about it. there aren't many games this generation thats worth 60$ let alone 50$

ColinZeal2692d ago

The third being one of my absolute favorite platformers of all time, i´m really suprised by how GOOD the first one still is. Sure, the camera speed ain´t as high as i´d like it to be but by only playig the first one (instead of trying 2 and 3 sometimes) you really get into it.

The game is so good!

Fun, excellent graphics with 1080P and solid 60fps (only one dip after +20 hours of game time - hover board race, explosion, below 20 fps there)pretty much consistently, i´m loving this HD Trilogy!

Must buy for someone who loves platforming!