Has the Auction House Ruined Diablo III?


It seems Blizzard does not think that treasure hunting (as opposed to demon slaying) is a fun way to play, so they killed it. I don’t blame those who played that way, Inferno was rough and without any chance of gearing up except through spending gold or cash in the auction house, or great deals of luck, the chances of you ever getting through the brick wall that was Act II Inferno were slim to none. Besides, it is how those players wanted to spend their time in Sanctuary. They own the game, they can play like they want. The issue I do have is with Blizzard deciding what is fun and what is not fun. But then I started thinking a little more on the subject. Why do they care how easy it is to get loot? Diablo II had plenty of ways to acquire loot quickly, and it was never smashed in the face like it was with this patch. Then when I logged out of the game, I saw it. Right there, in that familiar Diablo font: Auction House.

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ATi_Elite2695d ago

I don't know, how about you ask the 10 million people that bought Diablo III!