MMOGames: Free to Play Fantasy Action MMO Dark Blood Online Beta Preview

Cody Hargreaves from MMOGames jumps into the latest Action MMO from Outspark, Dark Blood Online. Boobs are complimentary.

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OneAboveAll2698d ago

Oh look, yet another F2P MMO in the "anime" style. No thanks.

Sick of the majority of F2P MMO's having this stupid anime style art direction. Can they not make an MMO that has more realistic looking characters?

Oh... it comes from NEXON no wonder, that's all they are good at making!

Bimkoblerutso2697d ago

Why don't they just cut the crap and make a "GIANT BOOBS ONLINE" already?

mixelon2697d ago

Why do the boobs inflate when they breath?! What's is going on? Do they have extra boob-lungs? Argh!

MMOGames2697d ago

You have no idea how long we laughed at this. We also don't understand why there were breast implants in this era.. :P

Sino2697d ago

Is that the smallest it can get? holy crap talk about sexism in gaming