Activision's Social Media Manager doesn't agree with Radical's closure

Activision's Social Media Manager Dan Amrich has openly criticised his employer's decision to close Prototype 2 developer Radical Entertainment, saying that he's "confused and conflicted and patently just [doesn't] personally agree with the decision to close the studio."

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SuperBeast8112698d ago

I bought them both day 1 this is very sad I was hoping to see what "SPOILER" Heller was going to be like since he consumed I will never know:(

WeskerChildReborned2697d ago

Their's still hope if someone buy's Radical though i'm not sure if the IP will belong to Radical or Activision.

Cosmo8112697d ago

I suspect you'll get your answer in some other form of media. The company exists so they'll probably release a short comic series to finish off the storyline at least, or something like that.

Gigawatt252698d ago

I don't agree with Activision as well. Bastards!

Laxman2697d ago

Its sad to see just becuase Acti are used to having thier games sell like crazy in the first month, they shut down these talented devs whose games are great, and appeal to thier own fanbases, but just becuase they dont make insane amounts of money.

I mean, Radical have been around for over 20 years, its very sad to see them shut down like this. Same with when Acti shut down Bizzare Creations.