Dead Trigger Update To Appear On Android First, iOS Users Must Wait

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Developer Madfinger Games had a rough couple of days. First, it missed launching Dead Trigger for Android in June. Then, it whiffed on the July 2 release date. Meanwhile, angry fans were, well, angry.

We imagine that will change today, when Dead Trigger finally (hopefully) debuts on Android, and to sweeten the deal, Madfinger plans to also make the game's first update available right alongside it as a temporary Android exclusive. iOS fans, meanwhile, must stew in their own zombie juices, at least for a little while.

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Hx3KinG2694d ago

???... i have it on my iphone! lol

Buff10442694d ago

In other words....Dead Trigger released today on Android with an update that iOS users won't be able to download yet.

NobodyImportant2694d ago

I guess they prefer to support users that are more likely to pirate their game.

Buff10442694d ago

Well said. I think they viewed this as an apology of sorts for missing two deadlines.