How Sony could revolutionise the gaming industry

Non Specific Action investigate how Sony could change the way we game since their acquisition of Gaikai.

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JBSleek2691d ago

1. Next gen on current hardware
That would be nice if that was even an option. You want to send me next generation games via streaming. Imagine the bandwith I would need to stream Star Wars 1313.

2. Previous content made accessible
I think this is what will end up happeneing and allowing PS1/PS2 games to be streamed will be huge for their push to mobile.

3. Higher storage capabilities
Higher hard drive spaces should be included anyway. Next generation should have a 500GB minumum.

4. Cheaper games
I really do wish but let's be honest here they allow their games to be sold at $60 on digital months after release. What in the world?

5. Death to updates
I would expect a lot of update to servers and service if steaming was mainstream.

6. Cheaper consoles
Under the assumption that the entire console will be streaming which is crazy and that notion should never be brought up again.

7. TV gaming
I think that would be a very smart move for Sony. Do it!!!

8. Portable gaming
Only really suitable over Wi-Fi but would be really good to use for mobile phone devices if they have unlimited data.

All of these points are with the assumption that their entire video game business goes cloud based and that is just wrong. It is an option and we consumers love options.

2691d ago
Dante1122691d ago

Seems like the alternate accounts are out in full force today. I've seen JBSleek and headinthecloud in every Giakai article downplaying it lol.

You two know that Sony isn't going make their current gaming system (Ps3) or future system (PS4) just a streaming based console. They learned their lesson for going 100% digital with the PSP go. Also, Gaikai can be used for more than just streaming games, it can also be used to stream movies, television shows, and music.

2691d ago
thetrugamer2691d ago

Sony wins again. I think Microsoft are going to have trouble topping this.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2691d ago

a week ago cloud gaming sucked now not so much.. lol

TotalHitman2691d ago

Sony already did revolutionise the gaming industry with the PlayStation.

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