Gamer Euphoria: Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Review

Gamer Euphoria staff member James writes:

''Unless you have been in a coma for almost two decades or mysteriously and quite by accident become a navigator of an alien ship then chances are you’ve heard of Wizards of the Coast, no, not the name of a Point Break style surf gang out to pay for their winter holidays by robbing banks in the summer, but more a maker, purveyor if you like of an insanely addictive card game. Cards that contain lavishly drawn illustrations and minimal information yet have the power to burn you to a cinder or stomp you into oblivion if you’re not paying attention.

You are a Planeswalker, or wizard type magic person in normal speak, though for most, probably more Rincewind than Gandalf, at least for those new to the series. This is no walk in the park, nor does it hold you by the hand like a loving guardian.''

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Linko642690d ago

Memories of playing Magic the gathering in school :D