Kojima Productions To Have No Hand In 'Mirror Of Fate' Or Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

TGH Writes: "We spoke to David Cox, Head of Development at Konami Europe and Producer of the Lords Of Shadow series of titles and were wondering that since Kojima Productions had an albeit small hand in the production of the first Lord Of Shadows title if they would continue the relationship in the upcoming titles."

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232694d ago

the last one wasn't messed up so why would this?

loved LOS.

rdgneoz32694d ago

Probably because Kojima did give them some advice / input on the first LOS while it was in production. And as the article says, he won't be the 2nd time around.

LightofDarkness2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

They had very little to do with the first one, so meh. As far as I know, Kojima advised a bit of redesigning on Gabriel and they handled the Japanese localization.

IcyEyes2694d ago

People think behind Castlevania LoS there is a lot of Kojima (production) works.
Sorry, it's mainly a works from Mercury Steam and they are Spanish.

Summons752694d ago are they using a different engine because from my understanding that was the only part KP had in the first LOS.

LightofDarkness2694d ago

Nope, MercuryEngine was developed in-house by MercurySteam, no KP involved really. They've recently built a new engine from the ground up for the 3DS game too, so they're more than competent in that regard, I'd say.

Ramas2694d ago

first one sucked a lot anyway, not enjoyed at all. probablt second one suck even more.

pipipi2694d ago

then why are you here? its a game that you dont like, why bother comenting on an article of a game you didnt like in the first place?...
get the hell out of here

i really like the first one the story was amazing, the ending was a shocker i didnt expect that!!! looking forward to the second one! i hope the port mirror of fate to the vita (fingers crossed)

Ramas2694d ago

only here becouse of name kojima in article

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