Global Weekly Chart, Ending 23rd Jun 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 163,306 (+14%)
2: PS3 - 119,786 (+3%)
3: X360 - 90,555 (0%)
4: PSV - 50,849 (-39%)
5: PSP - 45,342 (+2%)
6: Wii - 45,014 (-8%)
7: DS - 38,220 (-3%)

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NastyLeftHook02689d ago

1: 3DS - 163,306 (+14%)
2: PS3 - 119,786 (+3%)
3: X360 - 90,555 (0%)

Thats what i like to see.

tokugawa2689d ago

i like to see fanboys, patting themselves on the back about sales figures, for a console...

Outside_ofthe_Box2689d ago

Why are you acting like you aren't a fanboy? If the 360 and PS3 switched places on this chart and someone posted the exact same thing you wouldn't being saying that but instead you'd be loling at how N4G is going to explode...

NastyLeftHook02689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

the sales are in tokugawa

aceitman2689d ago

whats wierd is how 360 pulled ahead of ps3 by a little over 3 million with there price cut and now the ps3 is close to 2 million it looks like it will break under 2 million by september . and then the ps3 will have a price break at tokyo game show and go for the kill .

Dms20122689d ago

You know, I wouldn't be saying that if 360 were first.

Moncole2689d ago

3DS sold a lot this week. Xbox sales may go higher with the recent release of the 100$ xbox, MS will just need to advertise it.

DarkHeroZX2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

its not really $100, its subscription based meaning you pay over a period of time and its actually more expensive (about $470 over 2 years to be exact). If you cancel early while owning it, it'll set you back an extra $200. and that offer is only through MS not retail. Bottom line is the $100 360 deal aint worth the extra hassle and its better to pay up front.

TBM2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

you know this and i know this, but most of the blind americans will believe otherwise. this is what i hate about my fellow americans they believe they are getting a better deal with this when they are getting screwed out of more money just like cell phone deals.

it is simpler to just pay the front cost of the damn console.

Moncole2689d ago

Some people cant spend a lot of money up front, so they will get the 100$ model.

ChunkyLover532689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

1.Not everyone has money to pay up front
2.This deal is now available at Gamestop and Bestbuy.

I know people who bought an Xbox 360 or PS3 at a rent to own place like Rent-A-Center and end up paying over $1000 for their console. People do this for the same reason they use credit cards, because its easier to put low payments out over a period of time, as opposed to putting out hundreds of dollars up front.

Also, if Microsoft offers the Xbox 720 for the same deal, look out, its going to be HUGE.

At the end of the day, spacing out the payments with the Xbox 360/Kinect deal is only slightly more costly. Its a good deal if people want to game right now. Who the hell are we to tell people what they should do with their own money?

You sound like Mr.Potter from Its A Wonderful Life, he was saying that people should just save up to get nice things, the rebut to that is that there is nothing wrong with people getting nice things now.

My father gave me a bit of advice that I still use today. "If you wait until you have the money to get something, you'll never have anything". Sometimes if you want something you have to take a risk, or just go for it.

If you don't think that $99 model will be a huge success when next generation comes around, that is just foolish thinking.

I think people are just upset because Microsoft is the only one offering this and everyone knows its probably going to do well. If Sony went and offered a plan like this, people around here would think it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Nadasico2689d ago

ChunkyLover53 Its called saving money so you don't get screwed out of money. Just put the money away rather then getting screwed over by some scheme. An before you know it you will have the money without having to over spend. Like TBM said though a lot of our fellow Americans eat up the dumbest schemes which is why rent a center is still in business.

JBSleek2689d ago

It is worth the hassel though. It is a subsidized plan.

I could either buy a new phone with a two year contract and pay less up front.

Or- I could buy it outright and pay less of a subscription plan.

Either way you are going to pay about the same price here or there.

This type of model has been out a long time and there isn't anything wrong with it. It's an option for those who don't have $300-400 to give right now but still want an Xbox.

pandaboy2689d ago

I'm sorry but isn't a new xbox under $200 anyway? If you can afford $100 dollars up front to start with then that would make you a moron for using this deal.

TBM2689d ago

i also like to say if i'm paying my cable subscriber to use online, why in the f**k would i pay MS $15 per month - $360 over 2 years to use my own damn online that im paying cable company to use?

also if i did want to use live im just going to pay the one time fee of $60 instead of this stupid pricing plan they have.

Sanquine902689d ago

@TMB hahaha , i like your statement. Guess what guys i got the Iphone 7 and it costs 50 dollars.. Pays every month 40 dollars for 2 years straight

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yabhero2689d ago

I love how people disagree when all they have to do is scroll up and look at the numbers and see 3DS, first.

Fishy Fingers2689d ago

PSV did 5K more than the PSP? Not good.

Nadasico2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

On another note can someone explain to me that owns a 3DS why you think it is the top selling device all the time? I maybe want to play black and white 2 and fire emblem. An I honestly can't think of anything else I would want to play on it. It would be nice to see how long and for what some of these 3ds's get used for.

Besides the sales jump in Japan it just seems like another case of its a Nintendo handheld and people eat that up. Kind of like the way people buy ipods without even thinking about it. I mean hey, I used to own every Nintendo handheld until it went to the DS and they were all worth it. I am just curious if its just the same thing new generation. For me the reason I bought them like that back then is because from the start there were so many games I wanted to play it was a no brainier.

Now it doesn't feel like that at all with only 5 games max I'd want to play on it.

bothebo2689d ago

Good question. Anyone who owns both will say the Vita is better because Sony tries not to sell you dog crap aside from a few rushed or poorly made first parties.

Someone pointed out to me that Resident Evil: Revelations an "M" rated game on the system didn't even sell one million units. What does that say about the system? They're all kids.

Rrobba2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

It sold more than Uncharted on the Vita.

Just saying.

For those of you who will rush to disagree me, look it up.

dark-hollow2689d ago

You must be one of those immature middle schoolers who think games that they play showcase their maturity.

bothebo2689d ago


"You must be one of those immature middle schoolers who think games that they play showcase their maturity."

How many middle schoolers do you know that are eighteen years old? Better luck next time champ.


That is true, but regardless 1/3 of Vita owners bought Uncharted Golden Abyss. Only 1/16 of 3DS owners bought Resident Evil: Revelations.

Siren302689d ago

How many games on the psv have sold millions? I guess that means everyone who owns a vita are kids too

DarkHeroZX2689d ago

bothebo has a point to some degree. Smaller install base equals less game sales. So RE selling more then Uncharted makes sense I mean there's only what like 2 million vitas out there vs 17-18 million 3DS. Its a no brainer which game is gonna sell more.

bothebo2689d ago

@ Siren30

How does that make any sense? We're talking about "M" rated games. The Vita has only sold just over 2 million units. The 3DS has sold over 17 million. You do the math.

shackdaddy2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

LMAO at butt-hurt fanboys

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AdvanceWarsSgt2689d ago

"I mean hey, I used to own every Nintendo handheld until it went to the DS and they were all worth it. I am just curious if its just the same thing new generation. For me the reason I bought them like that back then is because from the start there were so many games I wanted to play it was a no brainier."

Wait.......please for the love of god tell me that you're not insinuating that the DS does NOT have a huge library of games. Because if that's what you're insinuating, then you may be suffering from fanboyism.

Nadasico2688d ago

I suffer nothing of the sort, I just know what I like and it doesn't seem to have a lot of it. Which is why I asked the question. An having a large library of games doesn't mean it has a lot that I want to play. That is the same argument pc users use when referring to the pc library.

AdvanceWarsSgt2688d ago

But the DS library has games in damn near every genre. Saying that you can't find anything to play on the DS is like saying you can't find anything to play on the PS2 or SNES.

Nadasico2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I wasn't saying I couldn't find anything just that it was still to small of an amount. Fire Emblem doesn't come out till next year and the only other thing I can see at the moment I know I would like would be the new pokemon. Yea there are some nice games yabhero listed below but most of those are. Just another Mario or Mario Kart and I've played better versions of Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Monster hunter and Resident Evil. Ocarina is just a remake, don't like Fifa an some of the other ones are not out but still don't look anything past alright at best.

Shnazzyone2689d ago

I'll tell you why. It's a fun system to carry around, it's more inexpensive than vita, it has tons of games. TONS! My biggest problem with the 3ds when I open it up is picking which of the 20+ games I have on the device to play. It does something interesting every day.

If you don't own one you wouldn't understand. I'd like to know what vita owners like so much about it. My experience with it I found it unwielding to consider carrying around in my pocket and I found the dual joysticks to basically be "baby joysticks" as I put it at the time. They are definitely not a selling point. They barely even felt like they had any play at all. Like buttons with sticks attached. I dunno how vita owners don't get pissed when they play those tiny things.

yabhero2689d ago

Worthwhile games on 3DS:
Super Mario 3DLand
Mario Kart 7
Kid Icarus
Metal Gear Solid
Street Fighter
Heroes of Ruin
Ocarina of Time
Monster Hunter
Sakura Samurai
Dillion's Western
Mutant Mudds
Resident Revelations
More I can't think of...

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