Resident Evil 6 Leon Kennedy Gameplay Video presents a short clip taken from Leon Kennedy's campaign in Resident Evil 6.

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Trebius512693d ago


Resident Evil is just nothing exciting ... im sorry if theres still huge fans out there that disagree...but this series is mediocre at BEST now.

They Resident Evil 4 was the peak of their franchise. I guess since it was so well accepted they decided to go all out with their new action oriented mechanics ... we did it to ourselves in a way ... but RE4 was just so good. They need to combine RE4 with RE1 and 2 somehow. Take a cue from dead space.

calibann2693d ago

Giant casual crosshair in a Resident Evil game. Please tell me we can turn that off.

Vin13cent2693d ago

RE series aren't what they used to be! True..but still,this video gets me more excited than RE5 !

dirthurts2693d ago

Of Course Resident Evil isn't what it used to be. That was back in the 90's, games have to evolve or die.
Sure, the hard fans want what they always wanted, the same experience, but to appeal to a new audience and new gamers they have to adapt to what is selling now.
It's a business, and it all comes down to the bottom line.
As much as I would like a full on original style Resident Evil, it's not going to happen.
This, in it's own right looks like a good game though. I'll play it, but not for the Title.

Pozzle2693d ago

It isn't necessarily the evolution of the series that people are complaining about. Rather, it's the complete lack of anything resembling old RE games that long-time fans are disappointed about.

Capcom has every right to update the series. After all, nobody wants to play a game with tank controls and bad voice acting in 2012. But Capcom don't need to forfeit the series' trademark eerie atmosphere, creepy locations and gruesome enemies in order to do it.

And personally I think battling against creatures like Tyrants or William Birkin's G-monster would be INCREDIBLE in a HD game...and far scarier and heart-pumping than having hoardes of gun-toting zombies, rolling boulders and El-Gigante thrown at me.

banjadude2693d ago

I'm not a big fan of the "UI", at the bottom right. :/

Pozzle2693d ago

Well at least Leon's section looks better than the GUNS!GUNS!AND!MORE!GUNS! videos that have been released for Chris' section.

I was actually feeling a little bit of suspense here...which is more than can be said for the hundreds of gun-toting zombies barreling towards the player in the Chris videos.

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