Sony is "playing catch up" to Microsoft with Gaikai acquisition - UKIE chairman

"Microsoft has already got its ball," says Mastertronic boss. [OXM UK]

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GribbleGrunger2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


'If anything, Sony has been playing catch up. It's just that Microsoft hasn't told everybody necessarily what they're doing with their streaming service'

They were first but they forgot to tell anyone about it... classic MS

Fishy Fingers2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

You cant blame them I suppose, up until 2 days ago 99% of people seemed to be against cloud services like Gaikai or OnLive. Suddenly it seems, a lot of those people have had a change of heart... Strange I know.

Remember, we've read PLENTY of times on this site, the infrastructure, the ISP caps, the latency, the blah blah blah, so surely there's been no need to show what you've been working on yet? As it was a fad/pipe dream just 2 days ago. lol the irony is clearly lost on many here.

GribbleGrunger2695d ago

It was always inevitable. I used to argue with a friend of mine (and I've been having this argument with him before Onlive was announced) that streaming was the future of gaming. He just couldn't see it happening. why? and I quote: 'It's not good for the gamer.'

bless his little naive cotton socks. I'm excited for it myself, although I go into it with trepidation, but to think that the gamer is integral to this venture is silly. Yes we will benefit from it, but the biggest reason this is happening is because it makes financial sense for everyone in the industry... and of course it cuts out piracy

Interesting times ahead

LightofDarkness2695d ago

I know Fishy, once a certain name becomes attached, it becomes messianic and innovative. I wonder if we'll see half as many "I'll stop gaming when it becomes cloud-based" comments on here after this...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

How do you make that comment and not get flamed? I got disagreed to death.

This how it works.. ps3 fanboys like sony brand, xbox fanboys love Microsoft brand, pc fanboys love game devs.

sikbeta2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

Dude, that s#*t is the future, I don't like it and anyone with a lame @ss IC like it, but you read news about Nvidia making GPUs designed specially for streaming games and stuff like that, Samsung making deals with Gaikai (pre-Sony) to stream gaming in their big @ss TVs and so on, it's not perfect now, but in 10 years maybe even your Apple I-toaster™ will stream s#**y IOS time wasters...


It'll take off, it's a matter of time, think about HD, it'll be the same all over again, difference is Nvidia is pushing for it and every gadget manufacturer will want to have their own s#/ty stream service for games and other s#*t...

Dms20122695d ago

The irony is not lost on me,it is stunning how quickly attitudes changed once this was announced.

Anon19742695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Fishy said "up until 2 days ago 99% of people seemed to be against cloud services like Gaikai or OnLive. Suddenly it seems, a lot of those people have had a change of heart... Strange I know."

What I find fishy is where all these people are who've had the change of heart. You act like suddenly everyone is singing cloud gaming praises just because "Sony" is involved. I'm not seeing it. Most of the Gaikai articles hardly have any comments at all, and the original article as it broke on this site, with 750 degrees seems pretty mixed. There's only a handful of people who seem to think it's Sony's doing something grand here and the vast majority of posters still appear sceptical.

You make it sound like the site is filled with nothing but Sony supporters who mindlessly cheer anything Sony related. Looking at past comments, it's plainly not the case. Have a look. What, maybe 10% of comments on the first page are pro-cloud or outright pro-Sony?

clrlite2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

To go strictly "cloud" gaming anywhere in the near future would be foolish. It is likely going to be gradually incorporated into their services(and to remain an OPTION for a while).

Personally, I prefer having my games on my harddrive or have the physical copy and literally millions of people feel the same way. Until they can be reprogrammed to think otherwise, they will be catered to as they have been.

Also, the thought of only being able to play certain games while connected to the internet is abhorrent to my sensibilities. Imagine your service goes down and you can't play any of YOUR games because they are on a server owned by someone else in a far away place.

raytraceme2695d ago

talking about caps, in the u.s. only comcast has caps. TWC and verizon (two of the nation's biggest) don't have caps.

jadenkorri2695d ago

why is it every damn article Sony catching up to MS, when its really MS always catching up to Sony. Everything MS has done, Sony has done, whether fully successful or flat out failed, Sony has introduced to the console first.

Ser2695d ago

I'm STILL against it. Sony or not.

SilentNegotiator2695d ago

That's because no one expects it to be used for FULL GAMES right now, but for demos.

Stop trying to find hypocrisy that isn't there.

tokugawa2695d ago

@ darkride "You make it sound like the site is filled with nothing but Sony supporters who mindlessly cheer anything Sony related"

that is exactly what n4g is! everyone knows that you are a self confessed "sony nut", but that was an obvious play to try and get your bubbles back.

fishy fingers is 100% correct with his comment. that attitude has changed all of a sudden.... now its the future lol

sony could announce "dog poop scoop" a game where you pick up dog shit, and n4g would go giddy with excitement..

pixelsword2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"You cant blame them I suppose, up until 2 days ago 99% of people seemed to be against cloud services like Gaikai or OnLive. Suddenly it seems, a lot of those people have had a change of heart... Strange I know."

NO, PC people are against Onlive Gaikai, etc.; because those are PC services. They tried and FAILED on the PC, so PC people obviously have spoken about those services.

Those weren't on consoles.

IF consoles were to remove software out of the hands of the purchaser, then I'd be opposed, just like I have never bought a downloadable game, other than that, I have no opinion about the service until I find out what they are going to do with it.

Roccetarius2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Well, the PS fans seems to change opinion like we change underwear. It's evident on the site. I'm not a fan of the cloud on either side, especially not if it becomes dominant in the future.

Thing is though, the majority of people would not support a dominant cloud system. The power of a physical item should not be underestimated.

Dasteru2695d ago

Not sure about others but i have never been "against" cloud gaming. So long as it doesn't take over local media entirely. I think the idea is a good one, being able to play games that otherwise would be too much for a console to handle. Just have it as a side function to disk capable consoles rather than a complete replacement. If it were to replace physical disks entirely, then i would have a problem with it. Sony's aquisition of Gaikai doesn't change my opinion on this in any way.

miyamoto2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I wish my strongly-positioned balls had a streaming component."


First " Consoles are TV parasites."

Then this!

This made my day!

OT: Microsoft maybe a technology or software company but GAIKAI is first & foremost an experienced gaming company courtesy of David Perry of shiny Entertainment.

That makes all the difference IMHO.

insomnium22694d ago

@ rocce

"Well, the PS fans seems to change opinion like we change underwear."

Prove it or gtfo.

raymantalk12694d ago

cloud based gaming is not the future it is what the games makers want us to believe as they will have full control what you get for your money very little expense for them pay through the nose for the gamer and if and when the net starts to run slow and it will your gaming will be affected i for one do not want this type of thing to be the future of gaming fine for downloading games but not for streaming games atleast not for fast moving action games.

i hope everyone will boycott this type of gaming so we can all carry on with lag free gaming and the user at the controls instead of the publisher/producer.

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nukeitall2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


Ever heard of Azure? Hypervisor? These are technologies to combat Amazon EC2 and VMware.

MS is huge within cloud! They don't need to buy anything, they already have a cloud service.

Sony on the other hand still can't upgrade their network without taking it down. It's constantly "under maintenance" so yeah, they need it!

I don't think Gaikai is worth the cost, but I'm glad at least Sony see the value of cloud. I just question the approach.

I hate to say it, but I told you so!

I actually don't think Cloud will take off like people think. First of all, you got all the network issues and the ISPs are actively blocking this bandwidth hogging experience. This will be reserved for people that don't want to buy a console.

Reality is that, the technology requirement will hit a ceiling due to the standardization of 1080p. Cloud is wonderful now, because current hardware cannot handle the higher resolution.

Once we hit that ceiling with a *cheap* console, which we will with next generation it is about intelligent delivering of game asset so a game can immediately start while there is background loading of the rest of the assets for later missions instead of streaming.

Cloud gaming is not the future! It is a "somewhat" low quality solution to a current problem. The only reason it will take off, is because publishers will want to combat piracy i.e. a business issue not technology.

If you think I'm wrong, I *would* love to hear why and have a great meaningful discussion.

mcstorm2695d ago

I am up for cloud gaming but only if it has a Offline mode too. Could you image xbox live or PSN being down for 2 weeks due to an issue and you are not even able to play a SP game.

I do think Cloud gaming will be the next step for home consoles but just like ChromeOS biggest fault of not having an offline mode I see cloud gaming having the same problem too.

bobshi2695d ago

Spot on.

Azure is the connectivity they need. They have that ball.

Not so sure on the graphical fire-power compared to Gaikai, but more easily resolved compared to not having the connectivity in place.

hesido2694d ago

@mcstorm: How do you think an offline mode would be possible for a realtime game video feed cloud service? If the cloud service is about feeding game video feed, an offline mode would not be possible, unless the end-user has enough hardware to actually run the game on their end. Than, feeding the game video through the internet is entirely pointless.

If cloud is used to feed the game data, that will be a whole different story.

ShinMaster2694d ago

Except that has nothing to do with games, which is what Sony is doing.

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killerhog2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I don't know how Sony is playing catch-up when Sony was the first to implement cloud storage onto its hardware. Sony has been looking into the cloud for years.

Besides who cares cloud gaming will cause me to stop playing games. I want to own not license. If i do buy digital i want the product i buy in a harddrive or for me to able to save it elsewhere. Onlive is crap, it's all license agreements and nothing gets saved to a hard drive nor can you, yourself if you tried.

Dont believe go game on Idevices you'll see how fishy these "license agreements" can get and what the dev can do if they wish.

OC_MurphysLaw2695d ago

yes because cloud storage on the PS3 was the first device to ever use cloud storage... /s

And why does everyone jump to the conclusion cloud gaming has to focus on just having your games in the cloud? Could it not take the form of a better delivery system from the cloud to your system allowing you to play instantly while you still download the game?

Sevir2695d ago

They also had a cloud music and video service on the ps3, so i'm pretty sure he's spot on! Sony has been putting its chip on cloud services that they have invested in! Ever heard of Qiriocity with Music and videozone and video unlimited! Cloud based services that came to the PS3 early on in its life cycle so them aquiring gaikai was something in the works that people have been saying would happen.

Whats left to be seen is what they do with the aquisition and how they implement it! We'll see till then I've got reserved judgement!

Right now, Music, and movies and music videos work well for cloud streaming on consoles and tablets and phones, we'll see how it works for games on consoles with the current graphics and assest of todays and future gen of games!

MysticStrummer2695d ago

Reminds me of the french knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, telling King Arthur that they already had a Holy Grail. "Oh yes, it's very nice!"

Clarence2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Hilarious. " It's just that Microsoft hasn't told everybody necessarily what they're doing with their streaming service." The truth is the M$ does not have a answer to what Sony has just done. If they did it would be on the front page right now.

Also cloud is nice but I still prefer physical media. It's nice to have both on hand though.

Don't forget blu-ray, Internet integration, facebook, YouTube.

GrandTheftZamboni2695d ago

It's kind of how MS words their lack of portable gaming device:

"Smart glass ... connects all devices."

Muffins12232695d ago

This is off topic but sense you have a ps3 and for your profile pic you have anonymous profile pic lol,kinda ironic.

geddesmond2695d ago

Lol whats funny to me is the comments just scream "We are worried" If they weren't they wouldn't make comments like that. Ah well I think people should wait and see what Sony do with this asset before getting over excited or worried.

For all we know it could be 5 years before we see something good from this deal.

TheLyonKing2695d ago

Right now gaikai will be used for vita and there failing telly business however next gen it will play a significant role in gaming but for now it's all about TV

ALLWRONG2695d ago

MS has supported cloud from the start, Sony just started.

Mounce2695d ago

I still laugh at comments that Sony's PR do to counter Microsofts' stupidity.

They show Kinect and Microsoft acts like they're fucking the Bauss, Sony meanwhile just laugh and say they were there a decade ago with the Eyetoy. Makes a minor-fanboy side of myself giggle at how Sony can Boast sometimes and mean it while Microsoft tries to flex their arrogance idly.

Sony isn't playing catchup, even if Microsoft were in talks with OnLive, Gaikai is supremely better than it

Roccetarius2695d ago

How the hell are we going to benefit from bending over? That's exactly what the point of this is in the future.

Neither Sony nor MS fanatics should praise this.

2695d ago
orange-skittle2694d ago

Everyone knows that Xbox 8 will be superior to the PS4. Microsoft has been trying to make Xbox a multimedia device sine the inception and have continued to make greater advancements in online interface than Sony has.

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majiebeast2695d ago

Just like sony was playing catchup with.

No wait that was microsoft.

shoddy2695d ago

MS will catch up to bluray nextgen and ditch disk tray.

Megaton2695d ago

Microsoft's entire business model centers around playing catchup. They just also bankroll the biggest ad budget of any of the people they're catching up to, in which they claim they're the real innovators.

smashcrashbash2695d ago

Don't forget Bluray. In Microsoft's business they are ALWAYS playing catch up with someone. Everything Microsoft has ever made has been over shadowed or surpassed by everything else.Even now they are STILL playing catch up with the Wii and Nintendo already has their new console out. With the Xbox they were playing catch up with the PS2.They are trying to play catch up with Apple and Motorolla. Playing catch up with Google and Yahoo. So despite people trying to kiss Microsoft's @$$ all the time I suggest watch who you are accusing of playing catch up.

Roccetarius2695d ago

3D is nothing but a gimmick, so they should just have dropped that.

kickerz2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

To be honest we could say they all were catching up to Sega
But in the games industry company's copy company's..just the way it is..
Sony is not the first to do everything..neither is microsoft

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Fishy Fingers2695d ago

Cloud based services are going to be the future, be that games, media, operating systems etc You'd be a fool to think the worlds largest software company isnt preparing.

sjaakiejj2695d ago

They're both playing catch-up to my highly advanced console that's able to run games in hyper realism. I just haven't revealed it yet. Regardless, they're playing catch up. Trust me.