Resident Evil 6 Playable Demo Now Live

Capcom has today launched the official demo version of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6, available to download now via Xbox LIVE. The demo is currently only available to gamers who purchased Dragon’s Dogma on Xbox 360, but will also be available via PlayStation Network and publicly on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace soon.

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asmith23062695d ago

I am very interested in playing this demo.

Trebius512695d ago

Resident Evil series died for me after 4.

Its just not good anymore. Mediocre at BEST.

Only reason it still even sells halfway decent is because of the name. Nostalgia's a bitch.

showtimefolks2695d ago

i agree with you 100% and dead space 1 was my new RE but with 2nd they went more for action too. believe it or not when i say this but watch loast planet 3 that game has the creepy atmosphere of RE and DS games combined

RE6 is a summer blockbuster capcom is trying to please everyone so they will have parts wher te game is old school like RE4 and than newer ones more action like RE5

most gaming sites you read what they are writing they all love the old school parts and hate the action areas lol. I just hope the game has a good single player while also lengthy


Why everyone points back at RE4 as a great RE? It's a good game, but as a RE game it suffers the same problems RE5 and, apparently 6, seffer.

It lacks a scary atmosphere, stupid non-zombies that civilized take turns to attack, tank gameplay, too much daylight, no umbrella, annoying secondary characters, too much ammo and you can just buy weapons, almost no surviving gameplay and resources limitation... It's a really lousy RE, the only way to make it worse is add co-op and health regen.

The last good one was Code Veronica X.

orange-skittle2694d ago

All of you that gave up on RE were never real fans to begin with. A true fan stays with it through and through. Who gives up on a team because they lost the championship? Keep it moving you fair weather fans. These are the same a--holes that jumped on Uncharted after part 2. True fans bought the 1st one when it was new. You fake a-- gamers make me sick.

yojimbo_slice2694d ago

How exactly does passing on a series that doesn't interest you anymore make you a fake ass gamer?

Get over yourself, lol.

gaden_malak2694d ago

RE died for me at RE4 derp derp derp.

There has been one game since RE4. Jesus.

Trebius512694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


Because after RE4 you can see they went a completely different direction with the series, moron. Gaden_Malek you shouldnt post til youve developed common sense.

Also, I was a HUGE fan of the RE series, not going to stick with it just because im a fan of the earlier games...that makes no sense.

If a restaurant you consider your favorite stops serving the meals that you liked, do you still like the restaurant cause you were a fan at the beginning? NO, they stopped serving the food you like, so you move on to another one and thats it.

You can fork over cash to play mediocre games all you want, ive seen this demo, and this game is GARBAGE. PERIOD. Im sure Capcom appreciates you RE fangirls though that keep buying their games. Youre the reason they regurgitate the same terrible combat mechanics and terrible gameplay, cause you morons are buying it.

DivineAssault 2694d ago

revelations was good! but after u beat it your stuck w a useless handheld ;(

calis2694d ago

Trebuis - You talk of common sense yet cannot comprehend differing opinions. What you like and do not like does not apply to the rest of the world.

Get over yourself. There's been one game since RE4 that some people liked and some didn't. RE6 may change or it may not. You clearly just want to spout the usual $ashcom crap.

Trebius512694d ago

The argument isnt whether or not i agree with people liking the game or not. You can like it, it doesnt matter.

Im arguing that the game NOW, is 120% different than it was in the beginning. Thats not very hard to comprehend.

Im not following a trend or trying to be cool saying the game is garbage. My frame of reference wont change, i loved the first few games, i hate the last few, and 6 is even worse than 5 with regenerating health and not scary at all.

This series sucks now, and if you like it the way it is now, you more than likely never liked it in the beginning, because theyre 2 completely different types of games.

calis2694d ago

What? That is an absurd line of thinking.

Basically what you are suggesting is that it is only possible to like one genre of games.

Utterly insane.

The funny thing is you say it died for you after RE4 which is the same as 5. Same style, same gameplay. Lacks horror and lacks the roots from RE1 - 3.

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weap0nx2694d ago

I'm looking forward to this demo. Hope the controls are update. RE: RC could have been a great game but t controls where funky.

ha2e482694d ago

No you are NOT! You are NOT interested in playing this demo, you may think you are but you are not, PS you forgot to say first

MWH2695d ago

thanks for the info. let's see..

KingOptimusOrigin1112695d ago

This some BS, why not release it for everybody. Whatever I can wait.

dazzrazz2695d ago

Or you can simply download if of the warez site and dump it on your usb stick

Bobby Kotex2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Not sure why you're being downvoted. I guess gamers like the fact you get this demo for buying a game most people don't care about, exclusive on the xbox. I never imagined competition that would screw over consumers. But since you people eat it up, I don't blame the companies for doing it.

KingOptimusOrigin1112694d ago

I don't care for the disagrees. Its my own opinions and if people have a problem then they have the right to disagree. Also if its people who are mad at my comment then that is on them.

BIGBOSS082694d ago

becuse microsoft need timed exclusive demos.

pr0digyZA2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I really enjoyed it, like that there are a lot of options to tweak. But I can see that this is an early version of the game ie: screen tearing is insane(at least I hope so). I can imagine purists getting angry at the game though and can't wait to see the forum posts of "this is resident evil" etc...

tigertron2694d ago

Screan tearing? must be 2007.

Heres hoping Capcom sort it out before release.

CoryHG2694d ago

lol @ thinking it's an early version.

vallencer2694d ago

Lol at your one bubble. Demos are early builds how early is up in the air but early non the less. Besides if you pay attention the segments of the demo have been show off since the first trailer.

Disccordia2694d ago

Screen tearing in re5 was the worst I've ever seen..

Saleem1012695d ago

Prodigyza it's call a demo a unfinished version of game relax it will run fine when game hit stores...

pr0digyZA2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Yes thats why i said: I can see that this is an early version of the game.

I think this is the e3 build tbh.