Crysis 3 won't concentrate on 'wow' graphics, will try to offer a great all-round experience

DSOGaming writes: "After the lackluster second part of Crysis, a lot of PC gamers began wondering whether Crysis 3 would be concentrating on graphics or gameplay. Well, it seems that Crytek will focus on both of these elements, as well as the game's storyline in an attempt to offer a great all-round experience, instead of focusing on a single specific aspect. This also means that the company will not push the graphical boundaries, as they're targetting for a special artistic take on Crysis 3 and not for countless particle effects and 'wow-ish' graphics."

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sandman2242695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I'm sure it would be tuff to wow people in terms of graphics mainly due to old hardware (ps3,360). I think crytek pushed the wow factor on crysis 2 for consoles. And for pc.....that's a whole different story.

Fishy Fingers2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

This far into the franchise, there's one thing you know you dont have to worry about with a Crysis (or CE3) game, and thats visuals. Gameplay on the other hand. Massive room for improvement if you ask me, the games just aren't fun to play, it always feels like hard work. So it's great to hear them talk about something other than visuals.

Doesnt surprise me much though, PC wise, the last game is still up there with the best of them, console wise, the short turn around and it being so late in the gen, theres probably only minor improvements to be made visuals.

Crytek might have finally got their priorities right.

karlowma2695d ago

Idk, Crysis will always be known for pushing technical boundaries. I'd be willing to bet that over half the sales of the original game were from people who just used it to benchmark their gaming rigs. To flat out say that graphics aren't a focus, and to throw out the standard PC tease, "Oh don't worry, it'll use DX11," seems a misstep to me.

Time for a new console generation so devs get interested in exploiting technology again.

INehalemEXI2695d ago

I need to build a new PC, or get a gaming laptop should get a gaming laptop and just get a new Gfx card for my old pc.

Hassassin2695d ago

...don't get a gaming laptop, better to have a great gfx in your rig, and an "expendable", easy to carry laptop.

INehalemEXI2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I got 3 of the weak laps , i need a beefy one. I know what your saying though...just to lazy to build another rig atm.

InTheLab2695d ago

So we've finally acknowledged that Crysis is a dull franchise? At least the first gave you options. The second game was a big poo sandwich.

And they damn well better focus on graphics or lose their PC audience.

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The story is too old to be commented.