The Top 10 Movies That Really Didn't Need Video Games

OMGLists · Jan. 21 8:38 PM by BradySullivan

Unfortunately, video game companies aren't always able to identify what movies viewers would want to insert themselves into. While super hero and action movies lend themselves nicely to the gaming world, let's not forget the movies that really didn't need games, but for one reason or another got them anyway. The blessing of movie based video games that gave us Spider-Man 2 can also be the curse that gave us Austin Power's Pinball.

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felman874661d ago

Napoleon Dynamite is terrible. Best thing I can say is that the controls work.

ElfShotTheFood4661d ago

Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB and The Thing were good movie-based games, but the rest? Not really.

RecSpec4661d ago

I don't even think you could make a good ET game, there's just no way.

ElfShotTheFood4661d ago

There was an E.T. game on the Atari 400/800 computer system that was actually pretty good.

insane774661d ago

I think bunch of them are really bad...

n00dl3s4661d ago

lol as i read it, i was going "aww wtf it's not here..." then i saw it, glowing in it's lameness there at the end. Napoleon Dynamite was a lame movie, the thought of a game made my brain vomit.

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