GTA V: What The Hardcore Fans Are Expecting

X360: GTA V's full reveal is just around the corner. To get a better idea what Rockstar's new game is going to look and play like, we talk to its most hardcore fans...

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Dailynch2689d ago

As long as I don't have to go so many dates, I think I'll be happy.

MrDead2689d ago

If they do keep it in they should make it so you can go out with all your contacts at the same time on the weekend.

r1sh122689d ago

I want to be able to own businesses within the game, have a gang, mod my cars etc....

violents2689d ago

yeah your supposed to be a mobster right? some front businesses would be cool. And Car mods were in one of them before but was limited, it would be cool though.

r1sh122689d ago

I do like the realistic element of GTA IV, the driving and the way you would fly out of the car if your crash at speed etc..
They should just add more of the things from older games like I mentioned above.