X Play Gives No More Heroes a 5/5

When you get to the homepage. Go to Videos. And then Click X Play. After that click No More Heroes Review.

Score: 5/5

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Frances-the-Mute4288d ago

hey its has a unique art style, so dont hate

Clinton5144288d ago

No. I have not played the game so don't take my opinion seriously, but X-Play is a joke at rating games. After Sessler's rant about wanting people to buy Wii games it's hard to take anything to say seriously.

Relcom4288d ago

But saying its a 5 out of 5 is laughable at best.

I guess when your used to all the minigames the Wii has, a real game might make you happy. So happy you give a perfect score...

Prismo_Fillusion4288d ago

Annnnd as another great Wii game comes out the haters return. There are enough good games on the 360 and the PS3 that fanboys shouldn't have to troll Wii threads to dis the system and its games. Though I'd love to see a game dripping with as much style as No More Heroes on the 360. Probably won't happen for some time...I guess I understand the jealousy.

cooke154288d ago

No matter how many good games Wii gets haters will still find a reason to hate it.

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The story is too old to be commented.