Sony Buying Gaikai Was "Intelligent Move" - Divnich Explains The Deal

EEDAR Analyst Jesse Divnich has revealed what Sony's purchase of cloud gaming service Gaikai will mean for gamers, as he give his predictions on how it will all play out. NowGamer has the quotes.

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Feckles2694d ago

Sony's hedging its bets with Gaikai, no one knows what the future of games is for sure streaming is just one possibility.

Even in the short term though buying Gaikai means Sony can deliver its massive games back catalogue to loads of new customers.

NewMonday2694d ago

It could be a big thing bringing PS Home and Soney MMOs like DCU, Planitside 2 to any divice

DeadlyFire2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Not just back catalog, but future catalog as well. Now pretty much any mobile device, SMART TV, PC, Mac, or Playstation branded device that can receive updates or apps to utilize (PS3, PS4, PSVita). So pretty much anyone can play Uncharted 3 or say Planetside 2 for example. Depending on where they take this service or well service to be developed for use. Undoubtedly it will come to the Playstation brand. In what way or form. Its to early to know, but there are many possibilities.

This makes those Free MMOs that never made it to PS3 or that require 15 hours of downloading files now easy to jump into with a snap and no wait or downloads.

That is well when they decide to implement this. It could also be a life extension on the PS3. So PS3 could last a little longer while being able to play say PC or PS4 quality games.

asmith23062694d ago

Has anyone actually used this service before and give a bit of feedback on the quality? I never heard of it until Sony purchased it. If it's anything like OnLive I won't be too optimistic; I played a couple of demos on OnLive and although it wasn't laggy the graphical hit the games take for a lag free connection isn't good.

fastrez2694d ago

It's different man. It's not really a service at all, just the tech. It's basically browser/i-frame based streaming of triple-a, high spec games. it works well. But it's not something you can subscribe to like OnLive...yet :)

HarryMasonHerpderp2694d ago

Yeah I tried Onlive and thought it sucked, the games looked horrible.
I've heard Gaikai is a lot better though so here's hoping the games have higher graphics settings.

GribbleGrunger2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Give it a try. I have an average PC and 10mb internet and it ran like a treat:

and here are the partners Sony also bought:

HarryMasonHerpderp2694d ago


It says it's free but then asks for my credit card details? are you signed up with them?

LNDCalling2694d ago

It does run well I must admit I was impressed when I tried it recently especially having been a streaming sceptic..

Sony haven't bought the 'Content Partners' they will just remain partners depending on what the individual contracts were.

It's quite funny really because if Sony effected Gaikai on PS3 tommorrow (whether its ever intended to go to PS3 remains to be seen) then PS3 owners could be playing Alan Wake and the like on their PS3 lol

Interesting that David Perry the co-founder has experience in IP Creation, Patenting and Trademarking, maybe Sony's acquisition was partially about patents and the like after all given the goings on these days.

GribbleGrunger2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

@HarryMasonHerpderp. No, I'm just signed into facebook. perhaps it's better to try that avenue.

edit: nope, it just loads them in for me from that site. like I said, perhaps it's because I'm signed into facebook.

DivineAssault 2694d ago

what internet connection were u using? there was no graphical compromise when i used it.. I have cable modem tho so idk about dsl

LNDCalling2694d ago

Same here.. I'm on a 10mb Virgin cable connection and it ran pretty much perfectly and it was a racing game I tried so I think I would have noticed any really bad latency!

JBSleek2694d ago

It was a smart move indeed. Now does Sony have the infrastructure and poise to pull this off correctly is the issue.

DivineAssault 2694d ago

im sure a bit before ps4 launch time, ps3 & vita will both get a massive update.. PSN may be down for a week or so to revamp everything for a smooth ecosystem between devices.. Sony may have underestimated microsoft this gen with the whole media aspect of gaming consoles by designing a system strictly for games & not putting in a sufficient amount of ram for multitasking but they know what theyre doing now (look at vita; it has more ram than ps3) so im sure they have a good plan in store for their customers... If theyre ditching the cell processor for ps4, this gaikai thing may be used for the back catalog of games as well as demos & future IPs.. I just hope my collection of physical disc based playstation games arent rendered useless.. (which im sure WILL happen unfortunately)..