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ha2e482690d ago

Only the best games need that kinda space = win

WeskerChildReborned2690d ago

Are you serious? Halo is great and all but when they sell 4gb 360s for $199 then sell 250gb 360s for only $299, it make's me wonder why not just at least put 120gb for $199 instead of 4gb.

shoddy2690d ago

I though there is another article saying Sony is playing catch up.

Welcome to mandatory install.

OmegaSlayer2690d ago

smart move to use the most awaited games to force people to upgrade :)

Squall50052690d ago

But when PS3 games have a mandatory install it's a fail right?

NiKK_4192690d ago

Every PS3 is sold with a hard drive. It's the same with PC. Every PC has a hard drive, so it's not a big deal when games have a mandatory install.

Squall50052689d ago


I'm not attacking PS3's. Or even the Xbox 360 for that matter.

I personally have no problems with mandatory installs. If they make the games run better, then good. And my 320GB PS3 hard drive still has plenty of space

The user 'ha2e48' is just a trolling 360 fanboy (just look at any of his other comments) and he's pretty annoying. The PS3 gets attacked when games have mandatory installs but when the shoe is on the other foot, the game is a 'Win'.

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Christopher2690d ago

I wonder how many people will have to upgrade their HDD?

Anyway, this is the norm for the future of video games. People have ragged on Sony because they've done it this gen, but next gen it'll likely be standard on their respective platforms.

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ha2e482690d ago

I was going to say first,,, then I took an arrow to the knee!

floetry1012690d ago

SON, that joke went sour the day it was created (50 internet years ago).

WeskerChildReborned2690d ago

The funny thing is that your not first.

2690d ago
iamtehpwn2690d ago

The better question is, what the hell is it using those 8gb for?

Cajun Chicken2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Jesus. No love for 20 giggers. Good thing I'll be playing the campaign and not the MP.

optimus2690d ago

Wow, seriously? He gets disagrees cause he doesn't play multiplayer? For shame; oh how i miss the days of no online play as most games were actually better back then.

Intentions2690d ago

Well it would be better to install the disk anyway, so the campaign will load faster :)

guitarse2690d ago

8GB really isn't that bad, sure there are still people out there with 4GB hard drives, but those people fell for some clever marketing that you don't need a bigger hard drive... just like trying to convince me my PC doesn't need any RAM *trololo*

Christopher2690d ago

I've never had someone try to convince me I don't need RAM. In fact, I've had people try to convince me that I always need more RAM.

guitarse2690d ago

Hence the *trololo*, but not having a hard drive in your xbox that can handle 8GB installs is peoples own fault, sure the 4gb xbox is a bargain, for some people it is perfect, but it'll cost you in the long run, microsoft is running a right scam with that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.