Blast Magazine: The Amazing Spider-Man Review: A thwip and a flop

Blast Magazine: Part of me didn’t even want to play The Amazing Spider-Man. Sure, it brought back the cool free-roam web-swinging that hasn’t been seen since 2004’s Spider-Man 2 game, but I’ve been playing through Arkham City a lot lately and it’s hard to imagine any superhero game living up to what Rocksteady did with the World’s Greatest Detective.

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sourav932693d ago

Fail of a review. Stop comparing it to Rocksteady's Batman games and review the game on it's own. "Part of me didn’t even want to play The Amazing Spider-Man"; this just proves that the review isn't worth squat. If a reviewer already has a negative mind set about a game, then surely the review won't be great unless if the game is super amazing. But for this game, which is a 7 or 8 out of 10 game, if you go in hating the game, you'll hate the game. This game is nowhere close to being a 4/10 game.

clarkjudo2693d ago

As a gamer, this score is offensive. My self and countless others are enjoying this game. If you want to see some true reviews by gamers look on or So far I would give this game a 8.0 - 8.5.

I read and watched many interviews before making my purchase along with watching game play. When a person understands what the developers had to work with and the time frame to do it. It gives the gamer a little bit more respect in what is being presented. You cannot allow other game developers ideas and reviews by "professional reviewers" become some kind of thorn in the brain. With puppet strings attached to pass judgement on what is in this case the best Spider-Man Game yet.

Every game deserves a "fresh" look and not have other influences to detour from seeing what is in front of you. Giving a fair review and score after playing Batman AC (another game in its genre) is such a bad idea in the first place.