6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead Of An Xbox 360

Forbes - If you still don’t have a current generation video game console, you may want to consider the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360. Here’s why.

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Shok2696d ago

It's 2012 and we're still getting articles like this?

-Mezzo-2696d ago

I agree with you, but there are always some people that need a little more convincing, to come to the brighter side.

But the 6 reasons listed are pretty obvious, i honestly don't think that there's a person who doesn't know these reasons already.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Yea and believe it or not there are ppl who like to stay a generation behind cuz it's cheaper. My brothers are still playing ps2 regularly, and are just now thinking about getting ps3.

darthv722696d ago

why do we need 6 reasons to begin with. My only reason for buying a ps3 was because i wanted one. I didnt need 5 more reasons to convince me.

Spydiggity2696d ago

it's not very expensive to have both. and then you get the best of both worlds.

also, if, at this point, you're finally considering buying one, then you probably aren't that interested in exclusives, so you're better off just going with whatever the majority of your friends play.

Boody-Bandit2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I would place reason 5 with peripheral compatibility. IMO that is where the PS3 really shines. You have a lot more options with wheels, pads, keyboard, mice, fight and flight sticks, headphones, bluetooth technology, usb support, etc.

With MS everything has to be licensed and certified by them and that limits your options with peripherals. Example: I can use any FFB wheel (Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, MOMO, etc) with my PS3. With the 360 it's Fanatec or bust unless you're into plastic garbage (Madcatz over priced wheel) or low level wheels limited abilities (270 degrees of rotation, no clutch, gate shifter, FFB, rumble, etc).

I have them all (360, PS3, Wii and a gaming rig) and a ton of peripherals for all as well. I just hope some of my peripherals will be compatible with the new consoles when they are released.

mewhy322696d ago

Uhhh. OK. I have pc ,ps3, and 360 but that article sounded an awful lot like someone at Sony wrote it ROFL.

ALLWRONG2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

It's just begging to me

MaxXAttaxX2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

If you don't have a PS3 by now, then sadly you're missing out.
You either don't know what you're missing, are a fanboy or aren't that big of a gamer to care.

That's true.

This is a highly flammable article. I wish we could refrain from posting these.

thats_just_prime2696d ago

those are awful reasons.

1 free psn (you get what you pay for and xbl is ahead of psn in almost everyway)

2 blu ray ( you can buy one for like 50 dollars why pay 300 ?)

3 better exclusives (thats an opinion I like xbox games better myself)

4 controller is rechargeable (thats a good reason but once it does die its dead for good)

5 kinect isnt ready (isnt a reason to buy a ps3 it is a reason not to buy a kinect.

6 ps vita (what if you dont own or want a portable game system)



Just because someone is joining late doesn't mean this person don't care about exclusives or already have its favorite franchises that may be exclusive. People think that only the rich can be enthusiasts! Most people can't go out there and make day 1 buys all the time just because they like the games, a lot of people have to save money to keep this hobby.

Also, joining late or not, there a lot to consider... If you plan to play online, friends is a factor indeed, but also price and features. Not to mention non-game features that add value like media play capabilities, internet browser, etc.

The way I see, it's always up to games as choosing a console depends on what you want to play and multiplats are the same all around, so it's only natural to look at exclusives...

If someone really don't care about any exclusives I guess they'll just have to choose if they want to pay a little more to have a PS3 but add a Bluray player and have free online or choose to pay a little less for a 360 and have to pay for online but have more online features.

Other possibility is some people want motion controls... I would just get a Wii if I cared for that, as Wii have the biggest library of motion games. But some people may be looking for camera gameplay, Kinect has more appeal in that area...

Anyway, there's a lot to consider beyond what your friends play the most.

pandaboy2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )


Surely you wanted one for a reason or a variety of reasons though? It is rather imprudent to just want one for the sake of wanting. Imprudent and ignorant actually. Can't believe you got agrees for that... lulz n4g

Trebius512696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

If youre one of the dummies fighting this imaginary console war, and never bought a PS3 this generation, then you havent played some of the best games EVER in the history of gaming.

The reason i got my PS3 was because of the unquestionable 1st party support.

PS3 owns over 30 studios while Microsoft is sitting with just about 5. Theres just no contest when it comes to games.

The other reasons are just icing on the cake.

ALso, [email protected] Deluded much ... ?

GrandTheftZamboni2696d ago

One of the comments says:

"Xbox controllers are just as rechargeable as PS3′s, you just have to buy the rechargeable battery pack"

Some people shouldn't be allowed on the Internet ... or to have kids.

darthv722696d ago

why is it hard to believe that someone got one because they just wanted one? Truth be told I didnt get it for the bluray or the games. I really got one because i wanted one.

I own and still play every platform since pong (all the major ones and a few minor ones as well). I like collecting but more importantly, im a gamer at heart.

So if you want a reason other than I wanted one then i guess you can use the angle of "I have all the others so why leave this one out?"

IHateYouFanboys2695d ago

@Trebius51: "PS3 owns over 30 studios while Microsoft is sitting with just about 5. Theres just no contest when it comes to games. "

Care to show us a source for that pearler? You couldn't be further from the truth.

As of right now, Sony own 13 video game development studios (with a 14th that doesn't develop, but handles 2nd/3rd party exclusive relationships). Microsoft on the other hand currently own 19 video game development studios (with a 20th to handle 2nd/3rd party relationships). A large chunk of those were made in the last 2-3 years, and as such have not released a game yet.

Source - Sony developers:
Source - Microsoft developers:

On the article - like someone said, how does an article like this even get approved? We're 7 years into the generation, if you haven't made your mind up by now, the only reason is price.

MaxXAttaxX2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to delivering games:

Despite the numbers, Sony makes good use of their studios, while Microsoft ruins good studios like Rare.

TCG_Returns2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


Sony currently have 18 first party studios (real link you happened to not post)

Not counting the the various mini-teams part of SCE Japan studio.Also, not counting their various 2nd party devs who are essentially 1st party.

They had 20 as of last year, but they closed zipper/bigbig studios.

And how can you even consider THIS first party devs?

Microsoft Studios - Family – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Flight – Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Studios - Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - LEAP – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Mobile Gaming – ilomilo
Microsoft Studios - Playful Learning – Untitled Project
Platform Next Studios – Untitled Project

Half of them aren't confirmed and the other half are making phone games or hardware apps lol.You truly a desperate kid.Always trying to further your fanboy agenda, mr hates fanboys *eye roll*

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EliteDave932696d ago

Like we dont already know PS3 is better right?

Playstation FTW!

chela2696d ago

didnt buy it, no regret.

JellyJelly2696d ago

I respect your opinion but I prefer the 360 myself.

xchamp2696d ago

Haha loving the agrees to this post, confirms that the site is pro PS3

Trebius512696d ago

Yeah .... this site is pro ps3 ... right ...

Just cause the majority see the PS3 as the better machine doesnt mean the site itself is pro sony. The fans have spoken... 360 just cant touch the ps3. Unless you love kinect shovelware, haha.

sGIBMBR2695d ago

Trebius51, as blind as they come... !

Ezio-Auditore002695d ago

You dont have to write this mate everybody has there own opinion. Your a disgrace to sony u clown

xursz2695d ago

I can't believe fanboy wars still exist. It's very, very sad. We're all gamers aren't we?

ape0072695d ago

me too, I like ps3 but 360 is better imo

thatdudesfrys2695d ago

Xchamp... Why don't you look at most of the likes and dislikes of the comments... It looks pro 360, idiot.

DasTier2695d ago

@thatdudesfry actually if you look at the likes and dislikes it just shows that most people are disagreeing with the blind fanboy comments, most of which are pro ps3. Maybe it would have made more sense to have written Playstation has more childish fanboys?

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guitarded772696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

@ Shok

Exactly what I thought when I say the headline. Hell, if someone doesn't have one or both by now, they are not gamers anyway. And if anyone brings up the "I'm poor and eat government cheese" arguments, I'm gonna lose my mind. In the 6+ years the consoles have been out, you've had time to get a master's degree and a decent job, so STFU.

DragonKnight2696d ago

How could they get a masters degree if they can't afford the schooling?

guitarded772696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

@ DragonKnight

Ummm... Federal Student Loans. In the US you take out a low interest subsidized loan which you don't have to pay back until you finish school. The loan also doesn't collect interest. I know plenty of people who didn't work a day through college and all their bills where paid through loans. Oh and guess what. The worse off you are, the more money you're qualified for.

In many other countries, it's even easier to go to a university. I know foreign exchange students on a free ride from their country for being kinda smart. There are resources for everyone, but being lazy and retarded doesn't get you anywhere in life.

Ohh... look at the disagrees rolling in from the lazy and retarded. Apparently it does get you somewhere in life.

corrus2696d ago

This sounds like some fanboy

Trebius512696d ago

Why is he a fanboy for saying the truth ... ?

I think you sound like the fanboy for calling HIM a fanboy lol ...

Go kiss your 360 and tell it everything's going to be ok ... go play Kinectimals.

NewZealander2695d ago


kinect may be mostly for the kids but it sells insanely well, when sony has that wand thing...yeah move i think thats what it was called, it kinda failed to have any decent games, and it looks stupid.

and putting down kinectimals? ok again its for the kids, but whats sony got thats better? eyepet? LOL!

i own both consoles, i ONLY own ps3 for the exclusives, everything else i get on xbox, the online and marketplace poop all over sonys psn that still looks like its a freakin beta.

guitarse2696d ago

What would that matter, surely there are more cases for and against each console every year, with new features, hardware, games and partners making it a tougher choice for those consumers new to the console.

Anon19742696d ago

Shok said "It's 2012 and we're still getting articles like this?"

Indeed, Forbes is a little late to the party when it comes to considering the PS3 "not dead". Forbes certainly has a history of misleading statements with regards to Sony's PS3 console so for them to just now consider the PS3 as worth buying, I guess better late than never.

Forbes was always at the front, moaning about "slow" PS3 sales despite it selling far faster than the Xbox 360 (they never had an issue there). When the PS3 slim was launched and the price lowered, they bashed it saying it would never make a difference to PS3 sales. They were all over Sony at launch for selling the hardware at a loss.

Of course it's good of them to consider the PS3 when taking a break from filming their show for Fox News.

ThatsGaming2696d ago

I agree this gen is almost over... Doesn't matter anymore.

doogiebear2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

@ Shok:

yeah, because I know of people who are buying 360, yet are wondering why the awesome games they see on ps3 are not available for their 360. MS advertises very hard, yet provides less than stellar experiences (apart from 3rd party support). Also, they dont know about having to pay for xbox live until it's too late. When informed about the free nets from ps3, and the 40 plus exclusives of the last 2 years, it helps bring clarity to the consumer's decision making skills (since all they see is 360 ads that act as if games like COD are exclusive).

That's why.

yabhero2696d ago

I just got a PS3 last Friday and I've enjoyed a lot. It's one of the so called FAT PS3 and it looks awesome next to my Wii. I got it with Uncharted 3, but I bought 2 and haven't been able to stop. On thursday when my screen comes I will resume playing. Next week it's all about Uncharted and Skyward Sword. I think Gears Judgement and Halo 4 look cool... But I don't really see any other reason to own a 360. There are more exclusives here and PSN is free ( I'm going Plus, but still) and even for FPSes I prefer the joystick layout of PS3. As for Next Gen it's pretty obvious to me that WiiU will be able to support Unreal 4 and Luminous. It's already got CryEngine 3 and Fox Engine under it's belt. I love Nintendo so the exclusives like Zelda and whatever 3D Mario come salong will be great. Once WiiU does well it will have GTA and stuff. As for now, it's got all I want except for Watch Dogs. Rainbow 6 is coming, BLKOPS2 is coming, Pikmin, EA is on board and so is THQ, Vigil, Epic, WB games, Capcom, Namco. Super Smash is coming, Zelda, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect 3. My only big hope is that strong WiiU "core" gamer sales will encourage a GTA 5 port.
With my new PS3 and future WiiU I'll be covered for the next 4 years or so.

MostJadedGamer2695d ago

I will add a 7th reason. The 720 will probably come out in in late 2013 while the PS4 will probably come out in late 2014. The PS3 has more life left in it, and if your buying a console this late that is a very important factor.

Canary2695d ago

*looks at PS3 current library*
*looks at 360 current library*
*looks at PS3 release history*
*looks at 360 release history*
*looks at upcoming PS3 titles*
*looks at nothing*

How could -anyone- possibly see this as a fair contest between the two? The PS3 eclipsed the 360 a very, very long time ago. The only way people justify buying, or hell, even owning a 360 is "because my friends have it," or because they enjoy XBL for some reason.

tordavis2695d ago

OR because maybe they prefer Xbox exclusives over PS3 exclusives. Some people would rather play Halo than KZ and some would rather play Gears Of War over Uncharted. To each his own. There's no hard winner this gen besides Nintendo. People play what they want. It's as simple as that.

Canary2695d ago

Well, yeah, if you limit the games you're looking at to a single genre.

Ignoring quality entirely, and focusing on the two consoles solely in objective terms of library quantity and diversity, the PS3 is clearly ahead.

Bzone242695d ago

Lol. So it's quantity over quality now? Wow.

Canary2695d ago

Quality is subjective, but if you want to compare the quality of each library to the other, I'd say the gap between the two widens considerably.

tordavis2695d ago

Not entirely true. Xbox 360 has a ton of exclusives, especially stuff that came out prior to the PS3 launch like Project Sylpheed, Tenchu Z, Ace Combat 6, etc. Then you have the vast library of XBL arcade exclusives. If you think the Xbox is full of shooters, look at the PS3. Uncharted, Resistance, MGS4, Starhawk/Warhawk, Socom and Killzone are all exclusives and all shooters.

Looking at both systems OBJECTIVELY, it's clear that they both have a ton of exclusives, Sony is just putting out more at this point.

moparful992695d ago


Metal gear solid 4 is not a shooter lets get that straight. Also those titles represent a small part of Sony's massive catalog of exclusives. The uncharted series, heavy rain, little big planet, gran turismo 5, god of war 3, MLB the show, ratchet and clank, journey, flow, flower, mod nation racer, wipeout etc etc etc... I could keep going but the point is when it comes to diversity and quality Sony is where its at..

otherZinc2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


I'll add 1 more to tordavis's comment:
Some prefer a better online network than PSN.


You've just named some garbage exclusives except gran turismo 5 that was out matched by Forza 4. You can put:
Halo Wars, Fable, & Minecraft in there to name a few that aren't shooters.

moparful992694d ago

@otherzinc There's a reason you only have one bubble and your "subjective" comment points to that... SMH

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SheenuTheLegend2695d ago

the top reason is it have uncharted man

zeddy2695d ago

forget those other 5 reasons. the only reason to have ps3 is the games. if the 360 had the amount of great exclusives then i'd have that but it doesnt and relies on timed eclusives for demos and dlc, which is timed and the ps3 will get eventually.

TXIDarkAvenger2695d ago

Exactly, not too long ago I bought a PS3 and now I own all 3 consoles. You cannot go wrong with either console imo.

ferelinstincts2695d ago

Xbox 360 is 360x better than PS3.... EXPOSED!!!

: P


showtimefolks2695d ago

I will give you reasons to buy both xbox360 and ps3 so you can enjoy best of both world.

Mass effect 1,2,3
Gears 1,2,3,
Uncharted 1,2,3
crackdown 2
alan wake
fable 2,3
dead space 1,2
killzone 2,3
heavy rain
Yakuza 3,4 and dead souls
mirror's edge
star ocean
Dues ex
call of duty
borderlands 1,2
ni no kuni
assassins creed
asura wrath
ratchet and clank
ICO collection
god of war
grand theft auto
orange box
rayman origins
red dead redemption
nba 2k series
mlb the show
binary domain
final fantasy
MGS hd collection
Witcher 2
lego series

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wenaldy2696d ago

Where the hell have you been?????????

JBSleek2696d ago

It's 2012 and both have been out since 2005 and 2006. Just have both of them.

Ninjamonkey822696d ago

I like this persons answer that will be a bubble for you :).

Still for the life of me can't see the sense in the flaming and hate that goes on day in and day out. If you can afford it having as many options at hand is always the best choice.

It adds to your gaming horizion and makes sure you don't miss out on any the action as it comes round. Fanboy wars should have dead when Sonic jumped on Nintendo ;).

Snakefist302696d ago

Yeah I have both of them.But I prefer PS3 more than 360!!!

ChunkyLover532696d ago

I'd tell anyone to consider saving your money and just wait till the new consoles next year. Why waste $200-$300 when you can put that towards a next generation console? If rumors are true, according to that leaked Xbox 720 document, the next Xbox will have an SKU at $299.

I think the current consoles are at their saturation point, but if you are absolutely set on one, both have positives and negatives, so I'd say it depends on what your looking for as a gamer. People new to the Xbox 360 or PS3 will have HUGE back catalogs of exclusives and tons of other games.

CrazyInsane2696d ago

"I'd tell anyone to consider saving your money and just wait till the new
consoles next year" . I know this is your opinion but why should someone wait for something that isnt even announced ? There is no proof that next gen consoles will release in the next 2 years.So its better to get Ps3/Xbox and enjoy while waiting.

ChunkyLover532696d ago

Well this is strictly what I've said to a few people who asked me about game consoles recently. I would hate for someone to spend money on something like a console when there are most likely going to be new consoles released in less than a year and a half. If you've waited this long to jump into HD gaming, might as well wait for next generation.

Persistantthug2696d ago

ChunkyLover53, on Sunday morning said:

"If you think Watchdogs or Star Wars 1313 are current gen, you again need to wake up. I truly believe those are going to be next generation. "

And he also said

"1, 2 or 3 million of a particular game sold on a single console isn't anything spectacular. "

_____________________________ __________

Like I said,
This guy doesn't have a realistic perspective on business nor the realities of the video game industry......basically.

shadow27972696d ago

Wait, you don't think Watchdogs and Star Wars 1313 are next gen games?

Sure, they may bridge the generations and release on PS3 and 360, but they'll most definitely appear on next gen platforms.

CrazyInsane2696d ago

@Persistantthug He did have some good points but still it didnt make sense . @shadow2797 What makes you think these are next generation game ?

yabhero2696d ago

Just got a PS3 and I've been super satisfied... I have a lot of games to play...

As for next gen:

WiiU launches this fall...
The 8th generation officially starts Fall 2012.

ChunkyLover532695d ago


This idiot is still misquoting me, it must be rough that I sat you down so thoroughly.

What I said was that Watchdogs is probably a next generation title. Ubisoft would be under strict orders not to divulge any information about next generation platforms. It wasn't until people started to question what platforms it was supposed to release on that they said "Oh yea, Xbox 360 and PS3".

I have my doubts as to if it is current generation or not.

Also, he brought up the install base, I said considering the install base of these game consoles, 1, 2 or 3 million of a game sold isn't that impressive. Given that a lot of games have sold around that mark recently and haven't made a profit, I'd say I was right.

If you cant afford a new game console, don't blame me. I've had my Xbox 360 since 2005, PS3 since 2006 and Wii since 2006, I'm more than ready for new consoles.