GameSpot - A Dynamic Apocalypse - The Last of Us Video Preview

GameSpot - The E3 Last of Us demo impressed many, but things could've gone differently in that scenario. Laura and Dan share their impressions of what they saw.

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hulk_bash19872693d ago

Come on 2013 hurry up and get here already. I can't wait anymore, I have to have this game now!!!! Lol seriously though, I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time. Hurry up and take my money.

-Mezzo-2693d ago

I get more excited with each Preview.

Walker2693d ago

wow, everyting in this game is dynamic or real-time !

sly-Famous2693d ago

This game will either release a month or two before or after the release of GOW so I reckon Feb-April is closed but then again looking at the Uncharted release dates(and I hate saying this), from Sept to Dec are also release date possibilities.