Video Head-to-Head: Burnout Paradise From IGN

Video Head-to-Head: Burnout Paradise 360 vs. Ps3

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Amp4661d ago

interesting, and a very fun game, sure, its different than 3,but fun fun fun

zambrota4660d ago

since it is 2008


ps3's year.

However both versions look good. There is no way to undermine the x360 version as it looks almost as good as the ps3 version excepting the ligting and the shinu outlook

Burnout was build on ps3 and then ported to xbox 360

Lord Anubis4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

it reminds me of oblivion better AF as it's PS3's architectural advantage among other architectural features.

zambrota4660d ago

PS3 version runs at 60 fps

xbox 360 at 40/50 fps


Is IGN telling the truth

WilliamRLBaker4660d ago

Sixaxis sux for controls.

and i love the fact he doesn't even know if its different frame rates or not...he says it seems that way lol.

zambrota4660d ago

because of the extra graphical edge ,FR (60 vs 40) and other things

did you even see the Video?

KDash4660d ago

PS3 gets the superior version, again? hard times for x360-users =(

sak5004660d ago

Hard times indeed, 3 games out of 50 are slightly better on ps3 and its hard times. Where r ur 360 crushing games? Any game tht has beaten 2 year old gears or ME or Bioshock yet? Other than Bluray advantage ur pos3 has nothing . So stfu, when u hv anything significant of ps3 over 360 then open ur mouth.

Neurotoxin4660d ago

Lol i didn`t even bother watching after seeing `You Tube` Link. And also IGN.

From what i can see the game is the same, Xbox has some Pro`s the PS3 has others. End Result the game is good, enjoy it on whatever system you own.

zambrota4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

in terms of graphics and Frame speed/rate

watch the video again

IGn recommends the ps3 version also so if you are a multiconsole owner then you should get the ps3 version

Neurotoxin4660d ago

Frame rate is slightly lower, its not game breaking.

I`m not saying that some aspects are not better on the ps3, there are a few things that are indeed better, Frame Rate and Draw Distance, but the 360 has a few features also that are quite good, custom soundtracks and what not.

Graphics aside the game is identical, both platform owners are in for a treat. Frame Rates have become the new fanboy nitpick this generation, that and AA, I look at the gameplay being the old bastard gamer i am ;).... And the gameplay is the same.

The only time Frame Rate should come into the equation is when it detracts from the gameplay, I.e Assassin`s Creed on the PS3 which really grabbed me by the balls when playing, so much so i got a refund. Other than that doesn`t really matter to me, coming from playing PC games for many years frame rate dips which resulted in near Slide Show quality have embedded into my gaming etiquette.

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The story is too old to be commented.