Five Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 Will be Better Than Star Wars: The Old Republic

GameSpy - You can already see the signs of dissention in Guild Wars 2's official forums. One player complains that Guild Wars 2's combat isn't anywhere near as action-based as TERA's (and therefore it sucks), another person says leveling feels too much like a grind, and some of ArenaNet's diehards say it feels too different from Guild Wars 1 for their tastes.

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ATi_Elite2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

1. ArenaNet is making it
2. It's Guild Wars 2 instead of a WoW clone wrapped in Star Wars!
3. EA is not involved
4. More time was spent on gameplay instead of voice acting
5. It's a gamers game made for gamers and not just to make a quick buck!

Ascalon942691d ago

Guild Wars is in the title, hell look at my username