Dated: LEGO Indiana Jones

Gameplayer are reporting that the next game in the LEGO video game series is set to hit a lot earlier than expected.

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PirateThom4662d ago

What is it with Harrison Ford and LEGO?

Can't wait for LEGO Blade Runner.

360CameFromHell4662d ago

I would really enjoy a LEGO Matrix, I think it would have a lot of potencial.

christopher64534661d ago

YES! I agree with the Lego Matrix Saga theory.
But this and Lego Batman will suffice until we get Lego Matrix.

BigBadPolo4662d ago

This and LEGO Batman are looking pretty fun. They've expanded on the moves that were available in the Star Wars game so we should end up with a pretty cool, non FPS adventure game. They always did good with the tongue-in-cheek jokes, etc. in LEGO Star wars and I'd expect the same here.

feejo4661d ago

Indy Indy Indy IndyIndy IndyIndy IndyIndy IndyIndy IndyIndy IndyIndy Indy.