EVGA hardware breaks 3DMark world score

Epileptic Gaming · Published: 01.22.08

For all you extreme PC enthusiasts and out there, this bit of news is for you.

"K|ngp|n" and "Fugger" two hardware enthusiasts sporting EVGA's hardware, have been able to break the 30,000 world record score on 3DMark06. With a little liquid nitrogen, these two individuals were able to clock in an impressive 30,138 score.

The combination of an EVGA 780 SLi and a pair of EVGA 8800 ultras were the weapons of choice in breaking through the barrier.

For specs and a weak sales pitch head over to "EVGA 3DMark06 World Record" via Epileptic Gaming.

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Charlie26884659d ago

EVGA is a good brand I like them and since they are the number 1 video producer apparently other people like them too XD

And you cant beat their promos! :)

ElementX4659d ago

I have an eVGA superclocked 8800GT with 512mb of DDR3 RAM (650mhz clock as opposed to 600mhz) It was factory overclocked 50mhz but I hear they can be overclocked even more. It was $20 more than 600Mhz cards however it was the only one I could find in stock online. Great card.

skagrerrrr4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

i too have an evga 8800 GTX and i overclock it with rivatuner 2.06...
its temp never goes over 60C, great card