IGN gives 7.8/10 to No More Heroes

In the end, No More Heroes is a grab bag of highs and lows, and the end result is going to be different based on your expectations. No More Heroes has one of the most unique, stylistic designs IGN have seen in years (maybe since Killer 7, in fact), as the presentation is made up of pixel art, a retro-themed audio production, and some of the best characters out there. It's hilarious, completely matchless in its design, and hands-down one of the most passionate projects IGN have seen for Nintendo's console. On the other hand, it's obvious that open world designs aren't Grasshopper's strong suit, and while you wont be actually fighting or experiencing any "pure action" moments in the world, it's a pain to trek through, and a painfully low-tech visual offering. Pop-in is everywhere, control is irritating at best, and the frame rate is all over the charts. It's an absolute mess.

For those that can work around it though, No More Heroes delivers snappy combat, hilarious characters, cinematic battles, and some of the most rewarding motion fighting since Godfather: Blackhand Edition. There's a point in No More Heroes where you realize that even despite all its shortcomings you're still having a great time playing the game, and IGN won't deny that aspect. If you can put up with a lack of polish, No More Heroes is an extremely rewarding product, and a must-have for any Suda fan or hardcore gamer.

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Omicron4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Don't pay attention to this review people, it was made by Mark Bozon, the fatass that gave 6.5 to Nights (7.2 average game) and 7.9 to Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (6.3 average). This dude doesn't know sh1t, he is only a fatty geek that lives in Matt Casamassinna's basement.

BTW, No More Heroes got 9/10 in GamesRadar and 5/5 in X-play, add that N4G.

Frances-the-Mute4664d ago

hey IGN gave assassins creed a lower score and i still liked it, just wait for other reviews......look towards the positive, not the negative

Yi-Long4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

This game is heavily censored (for Europe), and since I dont think you should alter someone's creative vision, I will never ever buy this game, no matter how good it might be.

Most gamers are adults. I'm 31 myself. Why should we all have to put up with all that censorship!?

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