Far Cry 2 Exclusive Info - Even Better than the Original

Gameplayer recently visited Ubisoft's Montreal studio to check out the highly anticipated Far Cry 2. They have detailed their experience with the gameplay and its amazing Dunia engine - in particular the use of fire - in this article.

"It's not a gimmick. It really works. Fire is a huge part of Far Cry 2. It represents a unique gameplay feature, a factor that has been physically impossible until now. We can safely say that Far Cry 2 does breaks new ground – even if doesn't overheat your graphics card, it will fire your imagination. "

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Kratosnake4661d ago

"Dunia" is not a swahili word. It's Arabic, and it doesn't mean world, it means the living world (as supposed to the afterlife, which is Akhira)

I'm excited about the new Engine, Far Cry was already awesome looking, and now this? Man, it's good to be a gamer today.